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The China Study The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet Weight Loss

Posted Oct 27 2010 4:55am

The China Study The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet Weight Loss And Long term Health

A comprehensive study on nutrition has been complete, and here are the amazing results; startlng implications for diet, weight loss and long term health.

5 Stars Thank You China Study!
After reading this book in 2007 I went vegan. I have since lost 50 pounds and my blood pressure is now that of a child’s. My dad died of heart disease when he was only 50 years old. This book may very well save me from the same faith. The case made by T. Colin Campbell is so thorough and comprehensive it can’t be denied. Some of the negative reviews here made me laugh out loud. No scientific evidence presented in the book? REALLY!? Did we read the same book? Clearly most if not all of the negative reviews here are biased and have no scientific merit. Read the book and you will see how wrong and ignorant the negative reviews are.

5 Stars Outstanding book
I am a pretty skeptical guy, but this book, with its abundant evidence, convinced me that going vegan would help me live life to its fullest.

5 Stars The China Study
I highly recommend this book to everyone regardless if interested in health or not, as it provides key answers to as why little girls are beginning to menustrate as early as 11 years old. This is a true heads up for anyone concerned about breast and prostate cancer, as well as other debilitating diseases such as diabetes. (regardless if it runs in your family or not) It literally teaches us how to turn off cancer cells. It’s time to wipe out high rise hospitals in every major city from coast to coast. Use this book as your guide to get with THE PROGRAM America!!!!!

Please take this book with you to your next breast cancer rally, pass out a page per runner, and let the Susan G. Koman foundation know they can quit laughing all the way to bank, the overwhelming evidence of answers are contained in the pages of this book.

Need help with vegan recipes? I highly recommend [...] and sign up for his free newsletters, as his wife Mary (a dietician) provides recipes in every issue. Also check out [...] for even more awesome no oil, vegan recipes!

1 Star Real china study says nothing about it
If you actually stop and critically analyze and compare this nonsense to the real China Study paper that was peer reviewed and POORLY copied into this book you’ll see that many of these “findings” are not statistically significant…meaning for all we know it was probably random chance.

For instance, one finding found that cigarettes actually increase protective factors against cancer.

Don’t believe me go to your local university and look it up yourself.

5 Stars A must read!
This book is a must read for the information about the relationship of the food we consume to the diseases that are so prevalent in our society. Everything is well documented and written in a style for the lay-person to understand. I found it life-changing as I have completely revamped my whole way of eating.

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