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The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet The Lifelong Solution to Yo Yo Dieting Signet

Posted Oct 21 2010 6:28am

The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet The Lifelong Solution to Yo Yo Dieting Signet

If you’ve been a yo-yo dieter for years or if you can eat a pound of pasta at one sitting, this book may very well be an eye opener. In simple–but never condescending–language, it explains the roots of carbohydrate cravings and teaches you how to normalize your insulin levels to prevent future food binges. Regulated insulin levels in turn help to temper serotonin levels, so food cravings and mood swings are prevented. The authors, both research scientists (one a health psychologist, the other a pathologist), have lost and kept off a total of 200 pounds between them. They’ve based this book on nearly a decade’s worth of research, during which they’ve helped nearly 80 percent of their patients lose weight and keep it off for at least a year.

They explain that carbohydrate addicts most commonly crave popcorn, breads, bagels, rice, pasta, potatoes, ice cream, chocolate, pie, cookies, crackers, cake, fruit and fruit juice, potato chips, and pretzels. A questionnaire at the beginning of the book determines if you’re indeed a carbohydrate addict, and if so, to what extent. (For those readers whose quiz doesn’t indicate addiction, but who are bothered by their food cravings, the authors recommend a doctor’s visit for an explanation.) The book includes a diet plan with dozens of easy recipes, a chart of the carbohydrate content of many common foods, and lists of binge triggers to watch for. The most appealing part of the diet–and one reason that it wins raves from its followers–is its once-a-day reward meal, which allows you to eat anything you want. The authors also offer helpful tips for incorporating the diet away from home, such as at parties and restaurants.

3 Stars Helped me make my decision
This was a very good book. I had bought it along with Dr. Atkins book and read them both to see which one I wanted to go with. After careful reading and research, I felt Dr. Atkins had a better diet.

5 Stars Great book for dieting!
I saw the book with a friend and decided to order my own. I’ve been able to lose 11pounds in 3weeks by just eating healthy. I would recommend the book for everyone battling with weight loss.

4 Stars The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet
The book was very informative and inspiring.

I’m glad to have found it on Amazon as the local library didn’t have one copy anymore.

thanks again, Sandra

1 Star Don’t Be Misled… Save Your Money!

The authors spend 120 pages explaining their “research” and how this diet works.

They talk about two low-carb meals a day with one “Reward” meal. They lead you to believe that this “Reward” meal can be ANYTHING you want as long as you finish the meal within 60 minutes. They lead you to believe that you can just feast on pizza and beer as long as it’s within 60 minutes.

When you get to page 121, the truth will be revealed…

No pizza or other high-carb foods!… The “Reward” meal MUST be a balanced meal with limited carbs.

Well duh!… Without exception, anyone who reduces their “normal” daily carb intake will lose weight!

So don’t be misled… If you keep your carb intake low everyday, you will lose weight WITH OR WITHOUT this program. This can be done by simply reading food labels, using a carb counter book for unlabeled foods, and reduce your daily total carb intake (excluding carbs from fiber). In fact, if your going low-carb, you should ingest MORE fiber than the “average” person to avoid constipation and other problems.

Our bodies need SOME carbs to function. So do not go much below 20 grams of carbs per day. But be smart… ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR before making big changes to your diet especially if you are under treatment and taking medications.

4 Stars Carbs
I purchased this book for my father. It came in decent condition, very fast delivery. Nothing much to say :)

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