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The Breakfast Club

Posted May 25 2010 12:00am

Good evening bloggies! Did everyone make it through Tuesday without Lost? :-D I filled my evening by watching the finale to The Biggest Loser. Boy, can that show induce some real tears! It’s so wonderful seeing people change their entire lives around for the better!

After work today, I ran over to Babies-R-Us to finish up my shopping for a baby shower. Let’s just not talk about how I picked out everything from bed sheets to bibs for my future baby and how a little piece of me died with each baby outfit I looked at.

All that shopping for my future baby a baby shower gift certainly worked up an appetite! I had some Wheat Thins and Nutella which was a little camera-shy and made it in my mouth before I could take a picture. ;-)

For dinner, I scrounged around my nearly empty fridge and turned up with half of a zucchini and some mozzarella sticks. I rolled them around in an egg mixture before dredging them through Italian style breadcrumbs and frying them up. The results:

A few hours later, I was back in the kitchen looking for something else to snack on. I head this  blueberry scone calling my name, and just couldn’t deny our true love.

I was just thinking about what I was going to have for breakfast tomorrow (I’m tellin’ ya, thinking about food is my favorite thing to do!) when I remembered that I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning and am supposed to fast for it. :( Bummer. If there’s one meal that I don’t want to skip, it’s breakfast.

That is a huge change from what my mentality used to be about breakfast six months ago. I hated the idea of having calories in the morning, especially since they would usually come in the form of carbs. I skipped breakfast just about every day and used to feel proud of myself if I could go without eating until lunch. This was such an unhealthy relationship with food! Starving myself, and then binging.

It was a slow process changing my thinking about breakfast and it wasn’t an easy hurdle to overcome. But boy, am I glad that I did! Breakfast foods are so much better than any other meal food (peanut butter and banana topped waffles, anyone?). Eating breakfast really fuels me up for the day. I feel so much more alert throughout the morning and better prepared. Before, I used to have just an iced coffee in the morning, and by the time lunch rolled around I would feel light headed and dizzy from the caffeine and lack of food. So take my advice, DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST!! You’re not doing you, , a favor.

What’s your relationship with breakfast? What are some of your favorite breakfast foods?

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