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The Big, Long Second Trimester Post

Posted Jan 29 2014 6:03am


So, I didn’t recap week by week this trimester like I did before but I have a few general overall thoughts, which I’ll share with you guys today.

Overall, I have felt really great so far this pregnancy! Just as everyone promised, my energy returned around week 16 and for the past ten weeks or so, I have reaped all the benefits of that. I’ve tried to stay active with prenatal yoga and long walks with friends during the week. After being SO exhausted every day during my first trimester, it’s felt like a huge treat to be able to stay up past ten o’clock or go to dinner at a normal hour again. I’ve also loved having a bump to dress! True, most days find me in yoga clothes { groove pants have been a total godsend this pregnancy – I wear a pair practically every day}, but I’ve had fun shopping for bump flattering clothes that make me feel cute and feminine still. I’ve found the majority of my clothes at Target and Gap Maternity. For workout clothes, definitely Gap! My old lululemon tops have fit just fine until very recently when I finally had to take the “maternity workout clothes” dive. I’ve loved everything from Gap – highly recommend their “Gap Fit” line!

Everyone raved to me about A Pea in the Pod but I never became a huge fan – way too expensive! I did splurge on one pair of designer maternity jeans from there {that I wear practically every day when my groove pants are dirty} but that’s about it. Also, ASOS for dresses! I need to find a couple new dresses for events this spring and will probably buy from there again.

Feeling the baby kick has been, hands down, the coolest moment of my second trimester. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for that moment and finally it happened! It happened late for me because my placenta is anterior, which means it basically acts as a cushion that absorbs all the little baby kicks. Also, everyone told me it feels like “butterfly wings” so I was waiting for that….it definitely did NOT feel like butterfly wings to me! Rather, it felt like a goldfish swimming around in there. Or even a ball rolling around in my belly. I felt it for the first time a few days after Christmas {when I was about 21 weeks} and Adam was finally able to feel the kicks from the outside just in the past two weeks. Now I feel him move around all day long! It hasn’t woken me up yet, but he’s definitely flipping and kicking in there all day. So strange/cool!

Other interesting tidbits about this trimester included the fact that we completely changed medical caregivers. I’m not sure if I’m going to blog about that specifically or not yet. It was a personal decision and hands down, the best one for us. In short, we were using a {great} OBGYN medical group and planning on giving birth at a big hospital in San Francisco. At about 23 weeks we decided to switch to a midwife centered practice and give birth at our local hospital {only about 5 minutes from our house!} instead. We are trying for a low intervention, natural birth and feel great about the way things are shaping up. We start our childbirth preparation classes next week. Instead of the Bradley method, which didn’t work with our schedule, we are trying hypnobirthing, as it’s been highly recommended to us by both our doula and midwife.

All the heartburn I felt in the first trimester seems to have disappeared for the time being and I’m not complaining! Unless, that is, I’m in downward facing dog. Yikes. I have to remember not to let my head hang low like that because last night I had the worst heartburn of my life in yoga practice. It wasn’t pretty.

Also, nesting is a real live thing and I can’t escape it. I eat, sleep and breathe nursery right now. All I can think about is setting up the nursery and I love to just sit on the rug in there right now and page through baby beaugh’s books/stare at his clothes. I spend way too much time researching baby products and daydreaming about nursery decor. Luckily, I have a very patient husband who seems to be nesting just as much as I am.


Things I am looking forward to in the third trimester:

My parents coming to visit in a few weeks!

Being the matron of honor in my best friend’s wedding in March.

My baby shower at the beginning of April.

Growing even biiiiiigger – I’m a whole lotta woman these days. So far, I’ve gained a little over 20 lbs. Adam loves it!

Our babymoon to Canyon Ranch !!

Meeting our son for the first time in May. I’m also strangely looking forward to labor…mainly because of the end result. :)








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