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The better it gets, the better it gets!

Posted Feb 14 2011 6:16am

Keeping it simple: brown rice crackers, feta cheese, tomato, and parsley

Ready to start PIP: soaked and dehydrated salad toppers

Cheesy kale: lightly sauteed, with turmeric, and lotssssssss of nutritional yeast

First time out...

Gotta learn how to get back on your feet somehow!

He was pretty mad that he couldn't use "sticks" while he was learning...but based on our learning curve with the tow rope, I'm not sure he could have managed the sticks...

After skiing---thirsty and happy

Out to lunch. It was a big weekend---lost a tooth and learned to ski.

There is a great park near us where you can rent skis (and they have a tow rope). It’s $8 to ski (plus rentals if you need them), and a really awesome place to learn. I’m so glad Joe was into it–he was an extremely patient and helpful teacher. And I just skied around them (Joe was not on skis) and threw in my two cents when I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

I splurged a little this weekend in anticipation of PIP starting today (totally an excuse, but it was great). So I did drink coffee yesterday (first time in a week and it was fabulous), ate some chocolate, and had some of Matthew’s Snikiddy cheese puffs. I also did not go to the gym. I’ve been up for a while grading papers, and I realized I totally forgot to weigh myself before drinking water and tea. I think I’ll just do it tomorrow. Weight really hasn’t been important to me lately–I think my brain finally made the connection that knowing the number doesn’t mean anything—it’s what I actually do and eat that matters.

Have you ever noticed that the better things get, the more good things keep happening? Also…that the worse things get, the more bad things keep happening? It kind of goes along with the It Takes Happy to Make Happy theory, and I see people stuck in the worse it gets cycle all the time. I used to be, but not anymore. I totally feel like I’m on an upswing, partially because I’m in a better it gets cycle…but also partly because I identified when I wasn’t and even did the tiniest little things to get going the other way (and then some bigger things, like quitting jobs that were not serving me, making/taking opportunities that may not be the safest choice, began focusing on working on my positive thinking, and choosing to eat (mostly) in a way that makes me feel happier.

Can you see patterns of better and worse cycles in your life? Do you give yourself credit for turning things around when life is less than ideal, or do you feel like life is happening to you?

Happy Valentine’s Day! I was lucky, I got to spend the weekend with both of my Valentines! Both of them are gone now—Joe’s out of town for work, and Matthew went home. So I get to be my own Valentine tonight. I’m possibly just as thrilled about that as I was about my awesome weekend with them. Yes, I just admitted that! I love being alone (especially because I know it’s temporary). Do you?

Are you celebrating the holiday in some way?

I’ll have a PIP update tomorrow I think—once I get started. I bought veggies yesterday so I think I’ll be off to a good start!

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