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The Best Thing

Posted Jul 17 2012 12:21am

This morning, I woke up ready to make my Minneapolis TV debut.

Unfortunately, the universe had other plans.

In the midst of making Chickpea Chop Sandwiches & No-Bake Tahini Cookies  for my KARE11 News appearance, I messed up the aioli (doubled the amount of olive oil), ended up with deodorant smeared on my dress and hit major traffic, making me 15 minutes late to the TV station.

But c’est la vie …all these things, not the end of the world.

Then the receptionist at the station brought me a cart to bring in my food and after loading it, generously offered to roll it into the lobby area for me. Not even two seconds later, I heard a crash. A painful crash of broken plates, cookies strewn about the entryway and chickpeas rolling down the hot pavement. My precious food was splayed outside the front door sign reading “Welcome.”

I fought back tears.

Composed myself.

And thought…what would Kate Middleton do?

Click here if you cannot see the above video.

She would continue with grace and a dry sense of British humour, of course! So that’s what I did. Err…or tried to do. I think my red Shabby Apple dress and jewel green necklace helped.

After I got home, I discovered my sister’s leaky faucet after I poured pickle juice down the drain, dumping smelly green liquid over the bottom of her kitchen cabinet. I gave up, surrendered today to the universe and invited all my best friends over for a BBQ in the 100 degree heat.

It was the best decision I made all day.

Then I bought cherries. Sweet, plump cherries that stained my fingers ruby red.

And I grilled chicken for the first time ever.

I drank some brews during food preparation.

And I made kale salad with Easy Avocado Dressing , prepared cheese + crackers, mixed together a mocktail of lime sparkling water, pomegranate cherry juice + frozen mango chunks and set out the food just as my favorite people in the world started arriving at 7:00pm.

With the sounds of Mayer Hawthorne, Dessa, Wale, Spoon and Michael Buble wallowing in the background, it was all exactly what I needed.

Good friends.

Good food.

A good night to escape the busy trap .

No work. No “I-should-be-crossing-off-my-to-do-list-instead.” No stressing.

Just relaxation, beer and laughter.

And a crazy dog named Doug to play with too.

Yep, today definitely turned out to be the best thing.

Deodorant stains, TV, pickle juice and all.

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