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*The Best of Summer Fruits*

Posted Jul 30 2010 12:00am
Thanks to all of you who have posted comments, and questions this week! The cookie dough recipe has gotten lots of comments, via Facebook and through emails and I knew it would be popular! I had two cookie dough coins this evening before dinner. Yum. What a way to end the day.

If you haven't entered the contest yet for the free giveaway , what are you waiting for? I'm giving away a free spice that I created myself and use it a good bit here on the site . It makes a fantastic addition to any recipe and I hope you'll give me the pleasure of letting  you sample some! The entry process is pretty easy and to those of you who've entered various ways, I've got your name and I'm not playing favorites:) Sunday, anyone who has entered through a comment, question, post or recipe request or idea, I'll put everyone's name in a hat, and have dear ole' Mom pull out a name and that's who will win!:) I'll post pictures so you can see :)

Today, it was so hot here in the south that I came home this afternoon from a neighbor's house and literally got a headache! With the temperatures tip-toeing toward 100 more and more each day, I took it upon myself to have some Vitality Juice to make things a little better after a short date with the comfy couch!  Ahh.. so much better! 

This juice was made with a beautiful, organic Valencia orange that I bought at Whole Foods this week. I just love Whole Foods. Maybe they'll let me move in:) I can just imagine waking up each day, walking over to the produce section, grabbing a piece of fruit that always looks like it was just picked and starting my day. 

Geee... do I miss New York! Fresh food on every corner, all the time. Seriously. One day soon I'll be there again God willing.

So back to Whole Foods and the oranges! Valencia oranges are a little bit different than the standard navel orange found in most produce departments in SC. I like the Valencia oranges much better, though they're not quite as orange, they're just as tasty! 
Valencia oranges are light

DID YOU KNOW? Oranges are one of the most nutrient pieces of citrus you can eat, and no, not just in Vitamin C. Oranges are actually lower in Vitamin C than red bell peppers which are number one, and even less than parsley! However they are rich in potassium, fiber and lots of antioxidants that help with immunity and well being.  They're also one of the many fruits helping make this summer heat just a little bit bearable! 
Sweet and spicy pineapple
I love fruit in the summer. I've been noshing on pineapples a lot this summer! They're rich in enzymes that aid in digestion and prevent inflammation. They also just make you smile! I think they're the prettiest fruit but that's not why I love them. You can use them in Vitality juice too for a great Caribbean spin on the juice:)

Yesterday, I used one of these oranges and had 1/2 of one with a nice piece of dark chocolate. It just doesn't get any better than fresh fruit and chocolate to make a girl feel indulgent:)
 What a snack. I could live off of chocolate. I'm sure you all know that by now though:)

Dark Chocolate

I'm a huge fan of David Lebovitz who has written more books on chocolate than I could dream of. They're  ALL in my Amazon shopping cart along with several other cookbooks, that I plan to buy once I've read actually finished some of the books I have here at home! Maybe I should start collecting chocolate cookbooks.... they seem to be my favorite...

 One of the books featured by I can't wait to try is simply called,   That one makes me smile just thinking about it!
This one's on my list too...
Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes (Hardcover)
I mentioned in the last post that I would give you a great mashed potato recipe that doesn't even require  potatoes! I promise, that is coming! I made the dish three days ago, took great photos and actually just transferred a bunch of files from my computer to a newer computer and guess what? I accidentally deleted the delicious looking photos!! I cant give you this wonderful dish without these beautiful photos, so I'm making it again tomorrow and will re-post.  I promise I don't mind remaking this dish for you:)
 It's so good I may just have to eat it all after I take the pictures:)  Until then, check out this yummy potato recipe that is completely healthy and oh so yummy!

Have a great Saturday everyone! One more day to enter the giveaway- GET GOING:)

.:*Heart and Soul:.*
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