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The Basic Savoury Pancake – with nail talk

Posted Jun 22 2013 9:35am
Despite the confession about patterns of life at the start of this week, I couldn’t help but think this weekend would never come. Work has been hectic (with over 12 hrs working one day), and I am ready to spend a weekend away from the computer. Perhaps some cooking, cleaning, and reading? Who knows. But before I unplug from the computer I wanted to share my Basic Savoury Pancake recipe.

This is one of my favourite meals that I make at least once a week (okay probably twice). It is practically a staple.

Like I mentioned earlier … the topping possibilities are endless!

These pancakes cook up real fast which is convenient on time. There are quite a few ingredients though. The recipe makes 4 medium sized pancakes. The whole recipe is ~130cal (7 g carbs/1 g fat/ 17 g protein) The taste of this recipe is flexible depending on what spices you use. The texture is on the borderline between bread and pancake.
The Basic Savoury Pancake
Ingredients: Instructions

•2 tbsp unsweetened whey protein powder

•1 tbsp vital wheat gluten

•1 tbsp chick pea flour

•1/4 tsp baking soda


•1/4 tsp baking powder
•dash of salt

•rosemary, italian and garlic powder

•2 tbsp greek yogurt

•4 tbsp egg whites (equiv to 2 eggs)

•1 tbsp almond milk
•1/3 cup chopped mushrooms
1)Mix all dry ingredients. Add greek yogurt, mix well.

2)Add egg whites and almond milk, mix well.

3)Add mushrooms, mix well.

4)Add Apple cider vinegar, mix well. Let sit for at least 2 minutes

5) Pan-cake making time

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General Comments You can substitute the mushroom with shredded zucchini!
Mushrooms are one of my favourite vegetables to be paired with an egg based recipe.

I would like to take a moment to point out those nails! I got an shellac french manicure using a gift card a few weeks ago and am beyond impressed.

The shellac polish has lastest two weeks and is still acceptable. Not only that but my nails feel strong and and not breaking. The shape has lasted and my nails are continuing to grow. The cost of the shellac manicure is about $20 more than a regular manicure, but I would say it lasts at least 4 times as long. Plus,  the cost is still $20 cheaper than a bio gel nail manicure.


What is your favourite recipe to pair with an egg based recipe? Do you ever get your nails done? Have you have shellac polish? What about bio gel nails?

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