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The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook Home Cooking from Asian American Kitchens

Posted Aug 04 2010 6:30am

The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook Home Cooking from Asian American Kitchens

Asian grandmothers — whether of Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, or Indian descent — are the keepers of the cultural, and culinary, flame. Their mastery of delicious home-cooked dishes and comfort food makes them the ideal source for this cookbook. Author Patricia Tanumihardja has assembled 130 tantalizing dishes from authentic Indonesian fried rice (nasi goreng) to the classic Filipino Chicken Adobo to the ultimate Japanese comfort dish Oyako donburi. This is hearty food, brightly flavored, equally good to look at and eat. Flavors range from soy and ginger to hot chiles, fragrant curries, and tart vinegars. The author has translated all of the recipes to work in modern home kitchens. Many of them have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations without written recipes, and some appear in tested and written form for the first time. An exhaustive Asian Pantry glossary explains the ingredients, from the many kinds of rice and curries to unfamiliar but flavorful vegetables.

5 Stars Any library strong in Asian cookbooks will find this a winner
The Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook: Home Cooking from Asian American Kitchens comes from an author who interviewed, cooked with and connected with grandparents who contributed their own family dishes for this collection – many of which have been handed down verbally from mother to daughter for generations. With color photos and profiles of the grandmothers behind the dishes, this packs in a treasure trove of delights, from Steamed Meatballs with Tangerine Peel to Black Bean Steamed Fish. Any library strong in Asian cookbooks will find this a winner.

5 Stars This is it! The real deal cookbook !
This book brought back floods of memories on how I remembered my granny used to slaved away in her kitchen and came out with some of the best dishes ever! In those days, there was no oven, no blender, no microwave, in fact, nothing electrical except a dark corner that represented a kitchen. Nothing was ever written and measurements were always, ” a bit of this and a bit of that”

It was fascinating to read that other grannies cooked the same way too. Equally interesting is that all the recipes stood the test of time and were passed on from generation to generation. Pat Tanumihardja did a marvellous job by sharing this with us. Undoubtedly, a very special book and is highly recommended.

5 Stars Good way to start the Year of the Tiger
Lively, vivid, engaging – the Tiger symbolizes these and this cookbook delivers. Bravery is another characteristic of Tigers and how brave Tanumihardja was to commit recipes to paper, sometimes for the first time. To select from among the many shared with her for this book. The stories are wonderful and speak to the history many of us share. Learn diverse Asian recipes from the best experts around, our grandmothers.

5 Stars Wonderful Asian Cooking
I purchased this book for my granddaughter who is exploring world cooking recipes. She called me and said she was thrilled with the book and would be trying it out frequently.


5 Stars Beyond awesome!
Patricia had done a spectacular job on writing this book. I hate it when you buy a cookbook and the author sometimes purposely leave out certain ingredients or steps because they do not want to review all of their secrets but with this book you will not have to worry about that because grandmothers never lie! I have tried out a few of the recipes and they are so yummy and most importantly they WORK! I highly recommend this book to whoever love to cook asian food and who else is better to learn how to cook than our grandmothers right? The pictures are beautifully done in this book too. It is a must have in your cookbook library!

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