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The Art Of Vino Chatting

Posted Mar 29 2010 7:40pm

Hey y’all!

Hope your Monday treated you well. I’ve been running around doing errands (Target and TJ maxx are clearly priorities) and have a fun night of book stuff ahead of me. I’m actually hoping to finish my first draft completely tonight and send it in early so I can just relax for the next couple days….that would be ideal. :)

I cut a thin wedge of banana bread for a mid-morning snack while I raced out the door to get to the studio. It was good but not my best…probably will be better with almond butter..obviously.


And, oh goodness, I had THE BEST SANDWICH EVER for lunch.


I realize I may say “the best ever” quite often when it comes to food but this really was amazing. It was from this little Italian market next door to the yoga studio and had spicy turkey, pepper jack cheese, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato and onions on sourdough bread…I asked for it pressed and it was hot and deeeelicious! I was so hungry!

Snack was some yogurt and granola while I stared at the sky and pondered my exercise options. It was NOT a pretty day in Sonoma County.


I was really supposed to cycle for an hour today but I just cannot get myself to ride my bike in the rain. I mean I know it’s probably fine and many people suck it up and do it but I just cannot! I’m scared of wet roads and big trucks…..But I CAN run in the rain. And I sort of like it. So, run I did. I had a pretty good 4 mile run in the cold rain….when its raining I can get into this focused state of running where I just pull my hat down low and stare straight ahead of me. The rain makes me run faster, too, because all I can think about is how amazing a hot shower will feel when I’m all done! Hopefully I won’t wake up with pneumonia though tomorrow….eek.

After my glorious hot shower I poured myself a glass of wine, slapped some ice on my shins and vino chatted with Anne . If you have never vino chatted, you simply must. Pretty much all you do is drink wine and skype. Its sort of amazing. However, midway through our cocktail hour I started to, ahem, really FEEL the wine if you know what I mean. Running 4 miles then drinking wine on an empty stomach probably wasn’t the grandest of ideas but you live and learn. I started throwing things together in my kitchen and came up with this monstrosity:


I’m running low on food and refusing to go to the store because I’m going home on Thursday. When I opened my fridge all I found was an eggplant and a little mozzarella cheese….and I thought to myself I can work with this. In my mind, I had this beautiful image of a greek stuffed eggplant I made back in 2007…but I didn’t have feta, only mozzarella. And then I decided I needed some protein. So, what I did was cook a serving of quinoa and a serving of red lentils in water with some big pinches of curry powder. I hollowed out half of the eggplant, chopped it up and then mixed that with the quinoa and lentils once they were cooked. I added about half a can of diced tomatoes, a healthy pinch of salt and some more curry powder. Then, I threw in a handful of the cheese and covered the whole thing with a ton of sriracha.


I’m a firm believer that cheese and sriracha can make anything a meal. This was actually really, really good! Talk about eating for volume….this bowl was HUGE! I ate it all and felt a million times better.

Dessert was a vitamuffin with almond butter and chocolate chips—

And so it goes. Here’s to finishing writing a book tonight! :)
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