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The Art of Balance & May Challenge

Posted May 03 2009 10:35pm

Bikram was hard today. Really, really hard. Normally the balance sequence is my best but today I found myself falling out again and again of dancer and warrior three. I still just can’t seem to focus properly….to be able to concentrate on something exclusively that is not my brother.

I made it though! And at the end I was dripping in sweat but glad I made it even though there where times when I almost walked out. Once at home I snacked on a One Lucky Duck raw macaroon—


And I checked the dehydrator to find that the raw pizza crusts that I had made last night were finally done!!


So, I sort of messed up the recipe, which is from Raw Food Real World (my new cookbook bible) but they actually turned out really, really well regardless!! The crusts are a mixture of raw walnuts, ground flax, zucchini & summer squash and this special little ingredient I was generously sent to test out from Manitoba Harvest:


I used the whole package in the pizza crust and they lent a nice nutty taste to the final product. I will have to look for these next time I’m at Whole Foods because they are very, very high in protein and would be great in something like a smoothie!

So, anyway, last night I made the “batter” for these pizza crusts and sloppily spread them out in four trays of my new Excalibur Dehydrator, making 8 long crusts. And let me just say that this dehydrator is my new favorite toy……….it’s amazing!!! While dehydrating, it makes a gentle white noise but nothing too loud (I actually found it calming) and it made the kitchen smell delicious. This morning the little crusts were incredibly easy to just peel off the sheets. I can’t wait to make more raw food with this, especially now since we don’t have an oven!;)

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to have my pizza for lunch today. I had half of one of the long crusts (each crust is about 340 calories because I messed up the ingredients and added waaaay too much flax and hemp. oops) covered in raw cashew hummus and sprouted tabbouli. Alongside, I had a crisp orange bell pepper and some raspberries



It was sooooooo good! The pizza crusts were crispy and nutty and adored the combination of cashew hummus and tabbouli. This lunch was also incredibly satisfying even though I got some strange stares from Ryan as I was chowing down.

This afternoon we are going to look at ovens and be with my parents. I’ll see you tonight!

And now…its time for a MayChallenge!!!!

This month I am pairing up with my friend Gena (pronounced the same as my name!) to bring to you guys a Raw Wednesday challenge all month. The deal is that on Wednesdays, you have to eat one raw meal + raw snack. We were going to do the entire day raw but I think it might be a little too much, even for me right now. How does that sound? Midway through the month we will be doing a special giveaway and another at the end of the month for participants. Please leave a comment on this post if you want to join us!

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