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THE ANSWER To Your After-Meal Crash...from Eating Healthy Nutritious Food

Posted May 11 2009 5:54pm

I wonder how many Americans struggle with the after-lunch and after-dinner "blues". By the "blues" I mean that the after meal crash that hits you like a freight train and sends you drooling to the candy jar and coffee pot to be able to make it the rest of the way thru the day.

Most people think that this drop in energy levels is normal and just part of our hectic day. And it was normal for me too. But quite honestly, after dealing with that problem for untold years, I got to the point that I dreaded eating lunch each day. It seemed that no matter what I consumed for lunch, even a 100% raw lunch, I'd be nearly unconscious with brain fog and drowsiness within one and one half hours. It was so embarrassing and inconvenient. God forbid I should have an important assignment to finish or meeting to attend after lunch. My afternoons would feel so wasted as I tried to get my eyes to stay opened and my mind to re-focus. And forget it if I had any amount of carbs with my meal! I'd might as well check out the rest of the day.

Do I have diabetes ?....NO

Do I have hypoglycemia ?....NO

So why all the complications?...It's called insulin sensitivity

Well, I've written other articles before about insulin sensitivity here at eating healthy nutritious food . But I am overjoyed to report that I've found the long-awaited, real, true ANSWER to this problem of being insulin sensitive.

Dr. Zhong of Neuliven Health has fomulated an all-natural, stimulant-free product called Glucocil . Mulberry leaf is the primary ingredient in this re volutionary new product. Glucocil is clinically proven to lower post-meal blood sugar levels and clinically shown to reduce the absorbtion of sugars and carbohydrates. : "The elevation of blood sugar levels after a meal directly corresponds to the amount of carbohydrates being eaten and absorbed during the meal. The more carbohydrates absorbed, the higher blood sugars go. The first 30 to 45 minutes after major meals – that’s when blood sugars are at the highest levels of the day and cause substantial damages. And for millions of Americans living with type 2 diabetes , this is the time window that needs to be carefully watched."

The makers of Glucocil also firmly believe that people who are exhibiting pre-diabetic symptoms can use this product to insure healthy blood sugar levels thereby possibly avoiding full stage diabetes.

That is me, beyond a doubt. I have typical pre-diabetic symptoms but Glucocil has given me freedom that I never thought possible. When taken within one hour prior to my meal, Glucocil controls the spikes and plunges of my blood sugar and I eat my lunch (now with joy, and not dread) and I have a wonderful, focused, non-drowsy afternoon. I feel alive and not in a fog. It is truly remarkable. This is something I think needs to be shared with others.

I've been in touch with Neuliven Health and they are willing to give my readers a FREE 2 week supply of Glucocil. You'll only have to pay for the shipping charge which is only $4.95. Dr. Zhong is serious about helping people live a quality, healthy life. That's why he created Glucocil. I can't speak enough accolades and cheers for Glucocil!

If you'll go over to the right margin and click the link to receive this special offer, they'll get it out to you asap! You are going to be amazed at the results.

Merry K.

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