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The Abs Diet The Six Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life

Posted Sep 18 2010 4:05pm

The Abs Diet The Six Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life

Great-looking abs are more than just a way to support the mirror industry. In fact, strong abs and flat stomachs are the ultimate indicator of overall health-for both men and women. Great abs will help you live longer, sleep better, prevent back pain, and significantly improve your sex life! (And, hey, they don’t look half-bad in the mirror, either.) Unfortunately, you could spend years on starvation diets and extreme exercise programs that never unearth those elusive stomach muscles.

Or you could spend just six weeks with David Zinczenko, Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health magazine, on THE ABS DIET-an easy and effective program for everyone that is helping thousands of people lose weight, flatten their guts, banish post-pregnancy bellies, and become healthier than they ever thought possible.
What’s more, once on this revolutionary new diet you’ll look and feel better than ever without deprivation dieting, counting calories, measuring foods, worrying about confusing phases-or ever feeling hungry!
Sound impossible? Let David Zinczenko prove it to you. As editor-in-chief of the world’s most important men’s magazine, Zinczenko has devoted his career to helping people improve their lives through the latest and most well-researched health, nutrition, and exercise information available.
Now, in the national bestseller THE ABS DIET, Zinczenko reveals his infallible formula that works for both men and women>>The ABS DIET POWER foods: the 12 best foods (all part of an easy-to-remember acronym) that will naturally boost your metabolism so that you can strip away fat, build muscle, and look and feel great for life. (Bonus: Many of the Abs Diet Powerfoods are even-gasp-carbs!)
>>SIMPLICITY: This low-maintenance program is easy to follow because there are no scales, no phases, no calculus-like formulas to compute, and no recipes that take a culinary degree to make. (One of the secret weapons: Satiating smoothies.) In fact, many of the dozens and dozens of delicious meals you can make take no more than a few minutes to prepare!
INCENTIVE: The plan never leaves you hungry. Instead, it encourages you to eat (a whopping six times a day!), stokes your metabolism, and even lets you cheat now and then.
ENERGY: Designed to help you build the lean muscle that and melt away that pesky belly fat, this full-body exercise program can be done at home in only 20 minutes, 3 times a week, with nothing more than a set of dumbbells!
LONGEVITY: An easy-to-remember maintenance plan will help you maintain your flat stomach forever.
Thousands of people are on THE ABS DIET, which can help you lose up to 20 pounds in six weeks-all while gaining pounds of muscle!-because it’s easy to follow and even easier to stick to. THE ABS DIET also describes some of the stories of people who went on the program and had amazing successes. In those cases, these people ended up changing their waistlines-and their lives.
THE ABS DIET is the best, last and only diet and nutrition plan that you will ever need.

Read about how low-carb diets are making you fat, about how the food industry is putting secret fat bombs in your favorite foods, and about how you can fight back. You’ll find out why 95 percent of all diets fail, and why THE ABS DIET is different.

So how about joining on for a six-pack? Yours.

- 12 “superfoods” that will change your life.

- A simple maintenance plan to keep your abs from disappearing

Six weeks to superior strength and sexy symmetry every man-and woman! -lusts after. Men’s Health can show you how.

3 Stars Hard to Follow
Bought this with high hopes but found it hard to follow. Takes a lot more discipline than I have.

5 Stars What can I say….it works.
I’ll get to the point. I turned 50 and was receiving Men’s Health magazine where I saw Abs Diet mentioned. I liked what I saw and bought the book because my weight was starting to creep up and my waist had hit 36″. I read the book carefully and know enough science to understand the logic of the program. I chose the more rapid approach which immediately combined the diet with cardio and light weight training and in 5 weeks I had dropped four inches from my waist! I’m not kidding. However, I had not dropped ANY weight at all…just moved it around. As they say, muscle weighs more than fat and my results proved it. I kept on the program and actually developed a very minor six pack…but at 50 I was impressed none the less! To be frank, it changed the way I eat permanently. I don’t stick to the diet itself, but my general approach to eating includes the basic approach and my regular exercise maintains a nice trim.

The title Abs Diet is misleading and probably turns some people off because unless you look into it a little you would naturally assume its a diet book. But…its not, it’s an integrated approach to combining common sense eating and a balanced exercise regime which MUST include some weight training in order to maximize “burn” and keep your weight under control and muscle tone.

I’m not a gym or weight lifting geek, but do like to maintain fitness and trim. I was a Marine…many moons ago…but the Corp’s definition of fitness is; the ability to effectively handle ones body weight” and that has been my approach for over 30 years. This book, and a little effort, will get you back into shape and help you maintain a healthy body. Good luck! The good new is, its been out long enough that their practically giving the thing away.

5 Stars Happy Customer
This book was at a great price, brand new and it shipped quickly. I am a happy customer.

5 Stars The Abs Diet
I will be honest. I didn’t read most of it. It was packaged well, shipped fast, and was in great condition.

What I did read of it was very well laid out and informative.

5 Stars Awesome book
The Abs diet changed the way that I look at food. I now eat to feed my body instead of feeding my cravings. I’ve learned how to eat to burn fat and feed muscle. I am in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to The Abs Diet. The name Abs Diet is really confusing because it is not really a diet. Its a way to eat so you can live a longer happier life. I just wish that I would have found it sooner.

Robert E. Bacon

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