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The 6 Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle The Simple Plan to Flatten Your Belly Fast

Posted Oct 05 2010 2:09am

The 6 Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle The Simple Plan to Flatten Your Belly Fast

Why is it that even though we might maintain our high school weight, few of us maintain our high school belt size?

In your twenties and thirties, the layers of fat on top of your abs were the problem–but once you reach middle-age, the enemy shifts. The 6-Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle is the first book to deal specifically with the issues we face in the next stage of life, providing a plan for eliminating the unhealthy fat that accumulates around the organs–visceral fat–that is the true cause of the middle-aged bulge.

The good news is that with the right diet, visceral fat can be quickly reduced and eliminated, enhancing both your looks and your health. Even after twenty years researching and refining the science of weight loss and management, bestselling authors Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades fell victim to the middle-aged middle themselves. Although otherwise fit and healthy, both lost the flat belly that signals youth. In The 6-Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle, they share the simple dietary program they created to shed the weight.

Discover• How eating saturated fat can actively trim your middle
• Why the “eat less, exercise more” prescription fails–and what to do about it
• Why “inner” and “outer” tube fat measurements are important to your health
• How to fight the fat stored inside your liver that leads to hard-to-lose middle-body flab

With The 6-Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle the doctor duo that brought you to the low-carb lifestyle shows you how to regain in midlife the figure of sleek, flat-bellied youth.

3 Stars All you need is the shake
I checked this book out from my local library. I urge you to do the same before making hte purchase. I plan to try it if I can buy the shake ingredients at a reasonable price. All you need to know is that you drink shakes for 2 weeks 3 times a day and have one low carb meal. Its really not much different from Atkins. The shake recipie is all over the internet. Itsw just a protien shale with some other vitimans trown in. The book claims that the “Power Up! Shake is abailable on the 6 week cure website, but the website says the do not sell it and to check the book. Dont spend money on the book when you can go to the library or read it at a book store.

4 Stars Amazing Diet Plan
It works. We lost 8 pounds in four weeks and are continuing. The plan is somewhat complicated and finding all the ingredients and working out the best way to take them was quite demanding, but the program certainly works. If you can stick to the plan, it does provide quick weight loss – let’s see of it stays off!

1 Star What a waste of time and money!
I am on day 7 and I am done with this program! Not only did I not lose weight it looks like I may have gained some! I lost 90 pounds since last August basically doing low carb, but not getting rid of all fruit and definately eating lots of veggies, I hit a plateau and the weight would not budge anymore and I still have a little pudge on my tummy and if I could lose just 10 more pounds I would be very happy. I walk 6 miles a day and do some weigh training and some HIIT. So since I have been reading Protein Power Life Plan I thought I would give this a try. Ugh, I did not mind the shakes except on the first day after that I was use to it. I thought I would lose at least 2 pounds and NOPE! hmmmm, figuring this diet somehow accually messed up my motabolism. And instead of losing a couple of pounds I gained 2! I do agree with the Eades’s on their other books, I know how living the Protein Power way has totally helped me to feel a million times better and look better, but this book frankly STINKS! I would not recomend this to anyone. I am returning this book and getting my money back.

4 Stars It does work… so far!
I actually didn’t buy the book but followed the cliff notes version of it on this site: [...].

I’m in my early 30’s and lost 30lbs in 2 months. I have to say, the diet definitely works, and it’s not that hard to do. The first thing to get into your head is that you will be hungry and will get hunger pains for the first two weeks. Once you stop caring about hunger pains, you will do much better with the diet.

Keep in mind, I did exercise regularly with this diet (5 days a week, weights and moderate cardio), but I also cheated. I ate basically 0 carbs for the first 4 weeks, except for 2tsbp of creamer in my coffee, 2oz of skim milk in my shakes, and booze.

A few things that I noticed
1) My weight lifting definitely suffered. I cannot lift as much as I could 2 months ago.

2) Eating carbs is almost painful! I ate 2 slices of pizza the other day for dinner and thought I was going to be ill. Your body definitely quickly acclimates to a low-carb diet quickly and easily.

3) I’m swimming in my jeans now. yay!

4) Vegetables and fruit taste SOO much better to me now than they have in a long time.

4 Stars Forget the naysayers; this works
I waited until finishing week 5 before writing a review because I wanted it to be based on actual experience.

As a kid, I was always just a bit plumper than average among my contemporaries. I first started fighting the battle of the bulge at age 16, and I’ve pretty much been at it for more than three decades since then. I’ve tried various approaches, achieving various levels of success. I deal with a couple of health issues that present additional challenges to the constant weight battle. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis more than two decades ago and I have hypothyroidism.

As a teenager, I found that cutting out treats and spending summers doing hard agricultural work and back country guiding helped keep the fat down. As a young adult with a desk job, I put on some weight, but fought back by cutting treats and doing aerobic exercise. After getting married, however, I chunked on 40 lbs in one year. (I loved my wife’s cooking.) Freaking out about my weight trajectory, I intensified my aerobic routine and went on a diet that was very low in fat and very high in complex carbohydrates. (That was all the rage back then.) It worked and I dropped 60 lbs in a year.

I mostly kept the weight off for the next few years. I eventually transitioned to the 30-30-40 “balanced” diet that was popular at that time. While 30% fat was advised, cutting out saturated fat was the rule. I still added a few pounds over time (but only a few). Then my brother got me started doing resistance training. Along with a more finely tuned bodybuilding diet, I added muscle and dropped fat. At age 40 (with MS), I was in better shape than I was at age 18.

All was well for about five years until I hit my mid-40s. Since then I have slowly added a few pounds of persistent fat. I tried many of the things suggested by bodybuilders to cut fat, but nothing has worked. After having the same clothing size for two decades, I was pushing toward having to go up a waist size. I was very frustrated.

Relatives that had had success with the Eadeses’ approach encouraged me to try the 6-week cure. I had developed a strong skepticism about low carb diets. But I finally figured that trying it for six weeks wouldn’t kill me. So I bought the book.

If you want a fairly simple, straightforward way to cut a few pounds of persistent fat, this is the book for you. It’s an easy read. If your inner geek won’t be satisfied without delving into the underlying chemical and physiological complexities of low carb diets, then you’d probably better go for one of the Eadeses’ earlier works. This plan also works only if you’re willing to actually do it. If your willpower is insufficient, you probably need more than this book can provide.

I was pleasantly surprised during the first shake week. I thought I’d feel deprived, but it wasn’t too bad. I’ve been eating various restrictive diets for years, so this turned out to be no big deal. Plus, I got to eat wonderful solid meals once a day, the likes of which had only been rare indulgences for me. I dropped over three pounds of fat that week. The second shake week was harder. I felt fine some days, but was terribly fatigued on others. By my calculations, I dropped a couple of pounds of lean body mass but no fat the second week. That was frustrating, but I gained the lean body mass back during the meat weeks.

I loved the first meat week. I ate many things of which I had deprived myself for years. The second meat week was OK. I used to love to cook, but I have long since lost that passion. I found myself eating the same things day after day to minimize food preparation time. The book includes a number of recipes. I have pretty much gone for the simple ones and avoided the more intense ones. If you don’t like to cook, you can still do this plan. It’s probably easier if you like to cook.

After five weeks on the program, I have lost about nine pounds. I have dropped 2

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