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The 5 Best Protein Sources for Building Muscle

Posted May 06 2008 7:02pm 1 Comment

Weight Loss Experts continuously debate over which diets are best: “low carb” or “low fat”. I am not sure which side is currently winning and frankly I don’t care. In my opinion, the macronutrients that are most important to weight loss are proteins.

Benefits of Protein

Protein benefits weight loss in many ways:

  • Building muscle
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Slowing digestion
  • Decreasing hunger

The most important of these is building muscle.

How to Build Muscle

To build muscle you basically have to accomplish three things:

  • Strength train to break down old muscle fibers and encourage your body to replace the old muscle fibers with even more new muscle fibers.
  • Eat enough calories to discourage your body from using your muscle fibers for energy.
  • Eat enough protein to provide your body with the building blocks it needs to repair old muscle fibers and build new muscle fibers.

Protein Sources

The best protein sources are:

Whey – Whey protein is one the two major proteins found in the milk of humans and other mammals, such as cows. This means that nature selected it as one of the best proteins to help babies grow, and babies grow very fast. Whey is digested and used quickly, making it the perfect post-workout protein. It has all the amino acids you need, tastes okay, and is still fairly inexpensive.

Casein – Casein protein is the other milk protein. So, nature also chose casein to aid in the growth of newborns. However, casein is digested and used slowly, making it a decent post workout protein, but an excellent before bed protein. It has all the amino acids your body needs, and also tastes okay.

Egg Whites – Egg yolks are good for the body in moderation, but egg whites are far better. Egg whites have all the amino acids you need and can be fairly inexpensive if you buy whole eggs and separate them yourself. Another, benefit is you can cook them, adding your own flavor and other ingredients. Boiled egg whites are also very portable.

Soy – Soy protein is the ideal choice for vegetarians. Soy is the only plant that has all of the amino acids your body needs. Soy also has many health benefits include protection against heart disease and many cancers.

Skinless Chicken Breast – For those of you who just want meat, skinless chicken breast should be ideal for you. Skinless chicken breasts are extremely lean especially if you remove all visible fat. They can be very inexpensive if you get them on sale or at a warehouse type store, such as Costco’s. They are muscles themselves, so they obviously have the amino acids you need to build muscle. Skinless chicken breasts also taste great when they are well prepared. I like my chicken breast, well seasoned, grilled, with hot sauce on the side.

To lose weight and keep it off, you must eat an adequate amount of protein. When choosing protein sources, start with whey, casein, soy, egg whites, and skinless chicken breast.

Here are some more resources for protein rich foods: Wellsphere: List of High Protein Foods

Dr. Kal is a weight-loss expert and ex-fat man.

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