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The 3 Hour Diet Lose up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks by Eating Every 3 Hours

Posted Sep 11 2010 12:52am

The 3 Hour Diet Lose up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks by Eating Every 3 Hours

Stepping around the low-fat versus low-carb debate, Jorge Cruise (Eight Minutes in the Morning) suggests that losing weight isn’t in what you eat, but rather, when you eat it. The core idea behind The Three-Hour Diet is that by timing your meals and snacks every day, the pounds will come off. No restrictions, no exercise.

While reality is rarely that simple, the advice offered here is nutritionally sound, emphasizing plenty of fruits and vegetables, and filling in with lean proteins, healthy fats, and just enough carbs to keep meals interesting. Following Cruise’s guidelines for portion control, you’ll eat an average of 1,400 calories per day, filling half your plate with fruits or vegetables, and dividing the other half between the rest of the food groups. Healthy meals from fast-food joints and freezer cases are included, and a substantial recipe section offers everything from a bacon and cheese omelet to rosemary lamb chops. A month-long journal is also provided, giving you space to plan each meal in advance (a key part of the diet), along with daily motivational hints and visualization exercises. A few pages cover basic exercises–but the emphasis is definitely on the diet, which Cruise asserts will work, regardless of whether you choose to work out.

Cruise’s straightforward, no-excuses encouragement works well with the simple formula the plan is based upon, and the clever Three-Hour Plate™ makes it easy to keep portion sizes in check. Still, closely monitoring meal time might seem like a challenge to some of the “busy people” for whom the program claims to be specifically designed. If counting calories or net carbs sounds daunting—but keeping a close eye on the clock doesn’t—you might just find weight loss success in these pages. —Jill Lightner exclusive content
Tired of fad diets and their lack of results? That’s just how Jorge Cruise, author of The Three-Hour Diet, wants you to feel. Cruise’s guidelines encourage sensible portion control and plenty of vegetables, but–perhaps more importantly–they encourage dieters to feel good about themselves by teaching self-acceptance and positive visualization. Stressing an easy-to-follow visual food plan that insists on incorporating snacks and treats into your day, he contends that carb-bashing is a highly ineffective means of maintaining a healthy weight. How can you sort out weight-loss fact from fiction? contributor Jill Lightner got some straight answers from Cruise.
Watch Jorge Cruise introduce
The Three-Hour Diet.
  Read our interview with Cruise.

2 Stars Great way of life. Not so great book.
Let me just say that this diet works. Eat small meals every three hours, keep your metabolism up, curve hunger cravings and lose weight. This is something that most fitness experts have know about for a long time. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks and love it. I’ve lost several pounds, and I’m rarely hungry. But my purpose on writing this review is mostly for the book, so here we go.

It should be said most of the information in this book can be found online, or in better diet books. For example you can go to [...] a site I stumbled on when doing my own research. I got this book on impulse when I was in a Barnes and Nobles for 3 reasons. 1. I wanted all that information in a condensed place I could bring with me and access whenever. 2. I wanted a book that gave the calorie count of most popular food and dishes 3. Lastly I wanted a book that would help act as a journal to keep track of those calories. This was all for the sake of having something I could carry around with me. So about the book.

Reading this as someone who paid full retail price in a store(my mistake) I was amazed by how much of this book is just wasted space. Half of the book is pretty much about all the other diets out there and why they don’t work. A lot more space is taken up by testimonials of people who have went on the diet. So I’ve already paid for the book and yet I feel like the book is trying to sell itself to me. Its kinda annoying. So once you get past all the crap you get to the meat of the book. The 3 hour diet. Good stuff there, but again its all readily available online.

Now the book does have three long sections, 1 sorta like a journal, but its not really ideal for keeping track of calories. Its more for keeping track of your portions. It doesn’t even have a space for calories which I thought was surprising. Moving on past that you find the food area. This was the biggest disappointment to me. This book has two sections. Custom dishes and pre-made. Yet the calorie information and nutrition is missing!? That’s crazy, as the book list everything from Mcmuffins, to lean pockets, to dishes you would find in a restaurant. But nothing on it expect how to prepare it or how it should be integrated into the diet.

Maybe I’m misjudging this book. Maybe I’m supposed to follow his word to every single letter and trust that he knows what he is doing and I will lose weight. But I gotta say that’s pretty wasteful. The idea of eating every 3 hours is so simple. You can eat whatever you want(sensibly) so long as you keep track of what your eating and your calorie intake. Remember everyone it doesn’t matter what kind of diet you are on. The only way for you to lose weight is to consume less calories that you use. So its very important you have an idea of how much you’re taking in.

Overall I can’t recommend this book. The idea is great, and it works but this book doesn’t contain any information worth paying for. I suggest doing your own research into this. I made the mistake of not researching this book and ending up wasting money on it. Had I just taken a few more minutes of flipping through it at the store I would have realized it wasn’t what I was looking for. Its my fault, but that doesn’t change how I feel about the book as a whole. I hope this was helpful.

3 Stars ok
Sender was great; just not that thrilled with paying for an entire book to basically learn that I need to eat every three hours..

5 Stars This diet works!
I’ve been on every diet imaginable and have lost some weight but always put it back on. The book teaches why other diets don’t work. I lost 28 pounds in 3 months. I followed the book by eating the proper amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fruit or vegetables at each meal (3 meals a day). I also followed the instructions to eat two 100 calorie snacks between meals and a 50 calorie treat in the evening. I believe the amount listed in the book is also critical to success. Because I am not hungry, I believe that I will have no trouble keeping the weight off. This diet is easy and you can choose the foods you like as long as you follow the guidelines on how much. I bought a food scale and use it daily. I’m really happy to find a diet that I can live with.

5 Stars Real wieght loss success!
I bought this book on a whim. My best friend went to a nutritionist and paid hundreds of dollars. She ended up losing about one hundred lbs. the nutritionist had her eating six meals a day and had timed them to every three hours. I looked up 3 hour diet and this book came up. I bought it. I have never succesfully dieted and kept the weight off with this program I lost 60 lbs. in around 6 or 7 months it was crazy everytime I stepped on the scale I had lost more wieght. I didnt even feel deprived because although I had to train myself to eat only every three hours which was hard at first I always had the next meal to look forward to. I highly reccomend this diet it has now become a way of life for me and I love it! Seriously I tell people all the time but they are just like ya whatever. If they would really do it they would lose wieght. It is the best!!

5 Stars Makes sense and it works
I started the ‘3 Hour Diet’ about 3 weeks ago. I’ve dropped 11 pounds and I feel more energetic than I have in years. Lots of nutrition information and indepth explanations as to why other diets fail but this life style change will work for you. I guess I was determined when I got the book that I couldn’t go on the way I had been. My plan is a life style change that will be a permanent change and this balanced, nutritional way of eating will allow that life style change to occur.

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