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Thai Noodle House

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm

My obsession with finding the best Thai place in Austin has led me to a small, whole in the wall eatery called the Thai Noodle House (2602 Guadalupe St Austin, TX 78705). I've been here once before and tried they're DWI noodles- a play on the more commonly named drunken noodles. My favorite part about drunken noodles in general is that they are SPICY and greasy. Thai Noodle House's DWI is pretty good and they'll make it as spicy as you want.

Enough of my love of drunken noodles and back unto what my order was this trip.

Masaman Curry

As with all curries, fish sauce is commonly used but any good Thai place will allow you to take it out. My favorite things about this particular curry were 1) it came with tons of rice (like a lot of rice and usually have to order more) 2) The potatoes had that melt in your mouth consistency.

I'm used to more liquid in with my curry but the creamy thickness of Thai Noodle House's Masaman was just right. Sometimes I find that Thai places water down the curry and I prefer it to coat the back of your spoon.

If you can't already tell, I like this place and am both bummed and grateful that it is not next door to me. The hole in the wall no, frills atmosphere, and service with a smile reminds me of my trips to Thailand. This will be added to my Thai cravings rotation along with Titaya's.

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