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Texturize your food!

Posted by Tamar F.

World-famous foodie David Rosengarten has recently written about the new trend of emphasizing texture in our foods. We know about eating a variety of foods, including colors. But textures? It's a smart thought. Rough cuts leave more skin and fiber intact. The skin and fiber of foods help with digestion, contain more vitamins and are more filling. Whole, crunchy oats, nuts and fruits are much more nutritious than pureed mush. The less processed a food is, the more of its vitamins remain. Many foods are edible in their raw state, which results in yet another texture. Rosengarten writes of the different textures found in Lebanese foods, including their salads, breads and spreads. Whether you are mashing potatoes, making a salad, cooking up grits or making homemade applesauce, remember to leave some of the natural texture!
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