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TCM A Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted Dec 01 2010 8:28am

TCM A Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Dragon’s WayTo Natural, Healthy, Lasting Weight Loss

Here at last is the secret to taking off pounds and inches and keeping them off for life. Unlike popular “miracle” diet programs and products, The Dragon’s Way addresses the root cause of your weight problems and offers a remarkable six-week program that shows you how to reach your optimum weight and stay there. The Dragon’s Way is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories that have been practiced for thousands of years. Today billions of people worldwide benefit from this medical system. The Dragon’s Way is not about food restrictions, apetite suppression, or vigorous exercising. It’s about treating the whole person instead of focusing on weight; about how to use ancient energy movements to awaken your healing ability; about showing you how to use food as a healing tool; and about helping you achieve the harmony and balance in your own body that can result in natural, healthy, permanent weight loss.


  • How the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach differs from diet programs
  • How this TCM program makes you feel better physically and emotionally
  • How stress causes weight problems
  • How food cravings signal body needs
  • Why depriving your body of food leads to further weight gain
  • Healing foods and recipes that help you eliminate excess water and body fat
  • Herbal supplements and energy movements that encourage body harmony and help you avoid excess wieght
  • Additional health benefits beyond wieght loss
  • And Much More!
  • 5 Stars My gift of a healthier life.
    My cousin gave me this book. I thought it was a weight loss book, so I read it, loved it and put it away. Three months later I was feeling ill and desperate and I remembered Nan Lu’s words. I pulled out the book and followed the suggestions. I really isn’t a weight loss book…it is a heal yourself book and the weightloss is a side bonus. I use it like my health bible now. I read and look up info and reread it all the time and learn something new every time. I feel great and have healed a number of ailments I thought I would be stuck with forever. I also eliminated a lot of aches and pains, and the best side effect is that I lost 50lbs to boot. I really wanted to learn how to heal myself and healing qigong taught me exactly how to do that. Healing Qigong is truly amazing. It worked for me and greatly changed my outlook on my life,abilities and my future. There is also a lot of support from Nan Lu’s website. I love this book.

    5 Stars A Natural Guide to Weight Loss that Lasts
    The book is about ancient Chinese medicine and ten simple Qigong energy movements. It is an excellent program and was recommended to me by my medical doctor (a general practioner). I have been practiciing the diet and exercise with outstanding results. I’m off of two medications and feel so much better.

    The service from Amazon was excellent – the book arrived when promised.

    4 Stars Great book
    This book offers knowledgeable information on how food and stress affect your health and ways you can help your body balance itself and heal itself as it is meant to do. I have found some interesting information as to how the Chinese view the body and how to keep it working the way it is suppose to. I definitely recommend this book to anyone that is frustrated with their current situation and are feeling hopeless. Also, some great recipes using foods that help heal the body!

    5 Stars interesting and effective program
    Nan Lu’s approach is an effective approach to overall health. The weight loss is useful, but incidental. Best used in combination with the video and CD to learn the qigong movements; they are available only from his foundation.

    3 Stars Basically a very low calorie, low glycemic diet with exercise
    I found this book interesting because I’m interested in TCM, but I don’t think it contains too many real secrets to weight loss that you won’t find in lot of other books. The basic diet is for six weeks to eat several pieces of fruit, several servings of vegetables and some walnuts, pine nuts of cashews each day and do qigong for exercise each day.

    Well, qigong burns up extra calories no matter what the specific exercises in this book are, and foodwise you would probably be taking in well under 1,000 calories a day, so yeah most people are going to lose weight following this diet and exercise program. But I think most people already know that if you exercise more each day and eat under 1,000 calories of high fiber foods with few carbohydrates and very little fat then you are probably going to lose at least 1 – 2 pounds a week.

    I don’t think I would actually go on this 6 week diet because it doesn’t seem healthy to me. I can’t see how you would get enough vitamins, minerals and protein on it to improve your health, especially any vitamin B12, zinc or enough iron. This diet probably seemed like a great idea years ago before people knew about RDAs for vitamins and minerals, but if we add in knowledge gleaned in this last century about nutrition then this diet seems unwise. I’m not sure that running a deficit in some macro and micro nutrients for 6 weeks is the key to long term weight loss or improved health.

    However, I did find many of the little TCM tidbits in the book extremely interesting, such as eat only cooked foods, avoid raw salads and don’t drink cold water. Also there are lists of foods that are especially good to eat for weight loss such as eggplant, watermelon and mushrooms. So I’m going to try the various TCM weight loss tips and try to eat more of the specific foods presented in the book, but pass on the overall 6 week plan.

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