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Taste over health?

Posted by Shez B.

Even among those who are seeking healthier snack options, taste is still a more important factor than nutrition in selecting a product, according to a survey conducted by Datamonitor.

According to Datamonitor, consumers expect snacks to be unhealthy and are willing to ignore those characteristics when searching for an indulgence or escape from their daily stresses.

What I don't understand is that there are so many incredible healthy snacks! Just go to a healthfood shop, it is incredible. I think people expect healthy food to taste bad.

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Well, I think there is this expectation that healthy food is missing something. I have visited the Greenbrier, which has a whole spa connected to it. I spoke to the chef and he said that no matter how many healthy and beautifully prepared items he'd put on the menu, if it was marked as being healthy, nobody would order it! He guessed that people on vacation want to treat themselves.
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