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Taste of Home Busy Family Cookbook 370 Recipes for Weeknight Dinners

Posted Jul 20 2010 3:17am

Taste of Home Busy Family Cookbook 370 Recipes for Weeknight Dinners

Save time, and your sanity, with the 370 recipes that feature simple to prepare techniques. Each chapter is arranged by speed, some take as little as 10 minutes to make.

5 Stars Easy-to-use recipe book
I bought this ‘Busy Family Cookbook’ recently

and believe me,my wife just is so eager to try

all the recipes.What she likes about the book

is that it utilizes fairly basic ingredients.We do

not live close to a very large supermarket,so this

is important to us.

What is also nice about this cookbook is that it

has the approximate time given that it will take

to do each entry.This is a great help for a busy


I highly recommend this cookbook!


5 Stars Cannot go wrong.
You cannot go wrong with anything from Taste of Home. I am a huge fan since the ingredients are easy to find, the food is easy to cook, and it always tastes amazing!

5 Stars Fantastic cookbook for weekday cooking
This is the best cookbook that I have. I have only had it for a couple of weeks but have already made 4 recipes from it and thought that they were all great! Yes, some are maybe not as appealing to me as others (the sandwiches and some of the beef ones) but there are plenty more to choose from (370 in total). My kids are very young, so this cookbook was exactly what I was looking for. I love it so much that I am ordering one for my sister.

4 Stars Useful and Well Organized
Speedy cooking cookbooks aren’t really my style and I never really expect to enjoy them because they tend to be bland, predictable, and usually contain recipes that aren’t unique or special. I love the ToH series and while they never turn out a truly awful, terrible cookbook, I just figured this one wasn’t going to be my thing. While this isn’t a cookbook I use all that often, it is actually far better than I expected and certainly one of the best in the 30 minutes or less style of cookbooks.

One of the great things about this cookbook is that it divides recipes not only by type (”Beef,” “Pork,” “Poultry,” “Seafood,” “Meatless,” “Sides and Salads,” and “Desserts”), but by how long it takes to prepare the recipe. That makes it insanely easy to find something to cook since, if you’re like me, when I want to cook I know what ingredient I want to use and like to search by that as opposed to cooking time. The fact that I can go to the poultry section and see it’s divided up by 10, 20, 30, and 30+ cooking times makes it far more likely I’m going to use this cookbook and it makes picking out a recipe so stupidly easy you really have no excuse to not cook.

I will admit that while the diversity of the dishes is very good, it doesn’t seem as diverse or creative as some ToH cookbooks. They’re still good of course and the cookbook isn’t another one of those 500 ways to prepare a mix or can of soup cookbooks, it’s just that cooking by time to prepare a dish can be limiting and the hit on the creativity does seem to show with this cookbook in a way it doesn’t with other ToH books. I agree some of the recipes are simple enough that it doesn’t really require a recipe to make, but sometimes (ok, most of the time) when I’m in a rush, I forget the really easy meal ideas I know by heart and sometimes (most of the time) I need something to jog my memory and creativity. A sampling of recipes include “Honey-Lime Grilled Chicken,” “Zesty Steak Salad,” “Chicken Veggie Casserole,” “Stuffed Walleye,” “Lemon-Glazed Carrots,” and “Rich Cheesecake Bars.”

The only things that I think take away from this cookbook is that ToH tends to be known for having a picture of every recipe in their cookbooks. However, this is one of the few ToH books I own which doesn’t have a picture of every recipe. While it’s not a big deal, since it’s something I come to expect from this publisher, it was kind of a bummer.

I will say honestly though, while this cookbook is good, I think the “Simple and Delicious” cookbook is a better cookbook overall than this one. The recipes are equally as simple, though seemingly much more creative. Each recipe is also shows how long it takes to prepare it(usually 30 min or less), with the estimation being relatively accurate, though it’s not as wonderfully divided by ingredient then cooking time as this book is. However, the start of the book has a suggested meal plan with a seperate sides section which makes planning a whole meal quickly a little easier than this book. The inclusion of a breakfast section in that book, I think, pushes it over the edge in terms of how useful it is.

Overall, this is not a bad cookbook at all. For the type of cookbook it is it serves its purpose far better than many others and I’m glad I own it. It certainly is the type of cookbook you can expect from the ToH series and it delivers in all ways it promises. While it’s not as creative as I’d like personally for a down-home cooking style cookbook, its ease of use and the brilliant way it’s organized turn it from a cookbook I’d probably glance over into something that’s incredibly useful and practical. I would encourage anybody to check out “Simple and Delicious” first, but I don’t think anybody looking for quick meal ideas would really regret getting this book.

5 Stars great service
all the books was in mint condition–couldnt even tell they were used. they got her faster that expected also. will definitly buy from them again.

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