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Taming of the hair-Max Flow Sports

Posted Nov 12 2012 12:00am

A tale of how I finally have peace with my hair. It’s a tragic story with a great ending.


I don’t pretend to love my hair. I have come to terms with the advantages and disadvantages to the point that I appreciate its ease to style. By that, I mean I live in a hat, the stuff piled on my head, or down and crazy. 2713986958_c0f981a687_b 2764665686_7327156d6b_z   2565751001_e6b4ba3a80_z

Even the “glamour shot” parody didn’t do great things for me.


(all shots taken from my Flickr 365 project about 4 years ago)

Naturally curly hair in the South is not easy. We have summer Gulf heat 9 months out of the year and my hair loves to expand to 3 times its normal size.’s very fine which makes no sense to me, but it means I’m constantly waving away little pieces of fly away hair. I’ve tried on 2 occasions to cut my hair short and each was a complete disaster. It took more time to actually style the frizzy mess than when I just slap in some silicone stuff and let it dry.

Now, add running, sweating, and Crossfit to the picture.

Can you imagine the frustration? Just look at the hair IN MY EYES and I’m sitting still.


So when Max Flow Sports offered to pass me along a Cross Grip Hairband to try, I gladly accepted. I’ve tried other hairbands. They either work great the first time and then get stretched out OR they refuse to work with my weird-shaped head.  I used this over the course of a couple of weeks in 2 ways. I wore it to work out and I wore it around the house while I was home sick with the flu/pneumonia. Nothing is worse than rotating between feverish, chilled, and clammy with stringy hair everywhere.

Here is the before and a better look at what I am dealing with.


And here it is after a workout and spending the rest of the afternoon wearing it at home.

me2 photo

The band never moved once I got it in the right place. It moved back a little right after I put it on, and I got worried that my melon head was just cursed. But I left it alone to see what would happen and it settled in that place and never moved (blue shirt pic). And believe me, my fine hair doesn’t hold pony tail holders without slipping. Better yet, it kept the sweat off my face. That is the one thing I do not like about wearing hats. They do not keep sweat off so I have to wear something under the hat to keep sweat from rolling in my eyes.

Would I purchase this item? Absolutely and I look forward to getting one in HOUNDSTOOTH!!! The customer service is outstanding. I got the band quickly and with a thoughtful personalized note from Steve.  I will gladly support a small business with a great product and this is one of them. Thank you Max Flow Sports!

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