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Taking a second look at emotions & eating

Posted by Amber

After practically inhaling lunch today it occurred to me there is significant gap between my actions and my insights. At least there was in the moment when I made the choice to eat quickly with my mind dwelling on other things not giving hardly any attention to the bites I was shoveling in my mouth. Upon noticing this my first response was “well, some days are just bound to be like this,” but after thinking about it a little more deeply I don’t think it should be written off so quickly.

What I am seeing more into now is how closely linked our eating behavior is related to our emotional state. Not an incredibly new insight I know, but the edge I’m interested in is not only how the two relate to each other in the moment of eating, but beyond it. Let me clarify- most of the time when we hear/talk about emotions and eating it’s in the context of eating when you’re emotionally calm so you feel better/improve digestions/etc. From personal experience I can see the importance of this. But I can also see that the motivation is limited to a “do this to feel better,” or “fix it” mentality and the end result is seen as a purely physical one. As I'm becoming more interested in the health of consciousness than just my body, it makes me consider the other end of the equation- emotions. What if we cultivate a stable, non-attached, relationship with our emotions first? The motivation would be significantly different and the end result would far exceed the confines of the body.

So, if I were to put this new insight into practice rather than just abandon it here on this post what would it look like? I imagine it would look something like a cloud clearing over the sun, freeing it so it can fulfill its purpose of nourishing the earth with its rays.

Eating For  Evolution

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wow Amber i never knew that if you just put your mind to it then we will all be healthier
what bases human being haveing 46 chromosomes
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