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Taking a cuefrom one of my new f ...

Posted Sep 14 2009 9:48am

Taking a cue from one of my new fave bloggies, Miss Ellie at Inside I’m Still Dancing, I decided to utilize all the wonders WordPress has given us bloggers by seeing what search terms people used to arrive at yours truly, The Healthy Everythingtarian. Here’s what search terms you weirdos are using to get here…


“Cutest girls in the world”: Okay, this one isn’t weird at all.  This is totes believable.

“3 garlic breadsticks”: I usually only eat/make things in 2’s or 4’s.  So, 3’s is just not plausible.

“Mexican fiesta clothes”:  In my closet, I actually have a XXXXL Mexican basketball jersey.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t made it on the blog yet, so I’m not sure how exactly they found out I wear that at las fiestas.

“Japanese girls, swimsuit”:  I reckon I can chalk this one up to people with dirty minds.

“Bride is wrapping a red scarf”: WTF?!?!  No comment.

“Glorious art”:  Since food art = glorious art, this one also makes sense.

“Overmixed fuel”:   I’m not sure how to overmix fuel, but maybe I should start trying?

“Moroccan girls”:  Apparently, I should just name my blog, “Girls From Around the World, Swimsuit.”


Alright, onto the real stuff – the EATS and DEETS!

Not gonna lie, after work I went to the company BBQ where I scarfed two slices of veggie pizza, a chocolate chip cookie and a handful of Strawberry & Grape Laffy Taffy (a.k.a. the best flavors).  Even though I said I would take pics, I didn’t.  In other words, I guess I lied to you after all.

After le BBQ, I headed off to yoga where I promptly lasted 10 minutes before leaving.  I never leave classes. For some reason, my body didn’t want to be there, my mind certainly wasn’t there and so I skedaddled.

Instead, I vowed to do something which I knew would help me get back on the workout track: NEW RUNNING SHOES!

Asics...the best eva!

Asics...the best eva!

When I arrived back at the casa, low and behold look what I found!



Molly and the wonderful people at POM Wonderful were so kind to send me some samples of their 100% pomegranate juice.  For years now, I have been a fan of their juice but can only buy it on occasion because it is pretty expensive for my budget.  Imagine my excitement when they offered me some of their all-natural, no added sugar, preservative-free juice which comes from orchards right in California.  Woowoo!

Needless to say, drinking in a slew of antioxidants makes me feel better over my non-existent workout schedule as of late.

After checkin’ out the goods, I whipped up some Tahini Cookies for our Twinkie Challenge winners!

chocolate ganache dipped tahini cookies

chocolate ganache dipped tahini cookies sprinkled with sea salt

They sound a lot fancier than they are to make :)Matt and Chelsea – I’m sending these buggers out today!

Flash forward to this morning ….breakfast was a repeat of yesterday and the day before that.

mornin' snack

mornin' snack

key lime lara love

key lime lara love

Mmmmm…I love POM juice.  POM seltzers are my fave, so look for lotsa those in the coming week.  I am also hoping to get a lil’ creative with the pomegranate juice.  I have some thoughts brewing…

Lunch was a monster junk salad

spinach + mixed greens + romaine
cottage cheese
dried cranberries + golden raisins
sunflower seeds
drizzle EVOO + balsamic


veggie refueling

up close and personal

up close and personal

Now, it’s work until 5pm, and then the WEEKEND!  Hallelujah!

I’m sad I probably won’t make my mini-goals of 2 yoga classes + relaxation this week, but since I am moving to another state next week, I will try and not be so hard on myself.  I am going to bounce back in style tomorrow morning with a 10-mile long run!

What are you up to this weekend?   Whatever it is, enjoy!  I plan on relaxing as much as possible + planning/preparing for the big move to Madtown!  Visitors welcome!

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