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Swiss Chard, Riverfront Pizzeria, Summerfest and Awolnation

Posted Jul 11 2011 5:18pm

Good Afternoon All! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend-mine was sure packed with a whole lot of fun, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, lets start with my review of  White bean and Swiss Chard fettuccine . I got this recipe from Shape’s Drop 10 challenge (please note, I am not currently participating in the challenge). What initially caught my eye was the swiss chard. You see, I have never used Swiss Chard before so I was excited and nervous all at the same time.

 After reading some of the reviews, I decided to make some changes to the original recipe. I kept everything the same except I added red chili flakes and italian seasoning. The flavor of this dish was outstanding! The red chili flakes were an awesome addition to this recipe. The white beans actually brought a very unique flavor to the dish-one that I really enjoyed. To top it all off, Gregg really liked the dish so it’s a keeper! I might add a few other ingredients next time I make this dish like tomatoes and olives… we shall see :)

In other news, Gregg and I took my mom out to dinner on Saturday to try a new spot: Riverfront Pizzeria.

When we first arrived, our first thing to do was figure out what to drink. Gregg and my mom both ordered mojitos while I ordered raspberry vodka and lemonade with blackberry juice-so good! Very refreshing and light. For an appetizer, we ordered the cheese, basil, tomato bread that came with pesto and marinara to drizzle on top. I thought this appetizer was okay. I am pretty picky when it comes to the food I eat and while this was good, it wasn’t the best. The flavor would have been so much better if there was less cheese. I am a firm believer that cheese is good but if there is too much cheese, it washes out the rest of the flavors.

We all split a Caesar Salad which was not my choice-I dislike Caesar dressing. Despite my dislike for Caesar , I was forced to try it…okay it really wasn’t that hard because it had shrimp in it. Shrimp=me happy :) I actually really liked this salad. The flavor was right on, nice and tangy dressing with just enough crunch from the lettuce. One thing I would have changed-the shrimp would have been cold. I know some of you are probably thinking-why would you want cold shrimp?? But, there is just something about hot items on a salad that seems weird to me. Maybe I am the weird one?

Anywho, for our main course we obviously got pizza. I picked out a mushroom, goat cheese pizza and let me tell ya it was AWESOME! The crust was perfectly crispy and light while the toppings were placed perfectly so you got to taste all elements in one bite.

It may seem like I had a lot of bad things to say about this place, but I would totally go again. They have so many pizzas and appetizers that I am dying to try. I really did like the place despite a few things I would have changed. I would highly recommend it. GO NOW! :)

Besides trying new recipes and restaurants, I have been spending a lot of time here:

That’s right Summerfest . I practically live there when it rolls around. Summerfest is one of the many great things Milwaukee has to offer. I am just glad that it is right in my backyard-literally 6 minutes away from my apartment. To top it off, I get free parking every time because I work downtown and get free parking through work. It’s a wonderful thing. You know what else is wonderful? This:

 The Saz’s sampler platter. I know it is terrible for you, but I eat it every year at Summerfest-it’s tradition and I am not about to break tradition. I spent 6 nights at Summerfest this year and loved almost every moment of it. Yesterday night, I saw Awolnation . I really enjoyed their music but did not enjoy the underage drinkers behind me. They were screaming, drinking and falling all at the same time. I thought it was because I was getting old that this type of behavior would bother me, but it turns out it bothered everyone . Other than that, it was a great show.

Other than Summerfest, I have been enjoying my time camping, hanging out by the pool and having Friday night date night with Gregg. Life is going very well for us right now and I hope it continues but more on that later. Until then-have a good one!

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