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Sweet&Salty Weekend

Posted Jul 16 2012 10:11am

Generally I want this post to be about candies in low carb diet, also commercially available. Comparing to Poland (where I come from) in Sweden there is a much greater variety of low carb products in general, also delights. I tried protein bars, jellies, chocolates, crisps and shakes already. I suspect that some of those may have some impact on blood sugar, but in small doses it should not lead to getting out of ketosis. 
To be sure, those can always be used together with wholesome foods from the low-carb list, to pimp your low-carb desserts :)
As quite fresh lowcarber I belive, that small amounts of goodness time to time, does more good than harm, as it allows to endure moments of weakness that happen to everybody... So, my weekend was not the best. Unfortunate coincidence caused shattering of my planes for Saturday. In the end I stayed at dorm, in a bad mood, and since all the people have misplaced somewhere (yep, Saturday evening), I took opportunity of free kitchen, for preparing a little goodness for solace. My high in protein licorice-coconut cheesecake, covered with Cavalier white chocolate and coconut flakes. I used  this recipe , modifying a little flavors and replacing vanilla sugar with erythriol. I totally reccomend it :) 
Hey Cavalier, I know I just met you and this is creazy... but I do love you with whole my heart! 
Though this chocolate is a little carby (lactose content) its still the only white chocolate sweetened with polyols, that I've found. It enriched my staturday cake, so as another treat for sweet tooth, that I've found in Stockholm stores... Licorice reduced in sugar. I diced it into small pieces and add into the cheesee mass. I love the result! I think also of using small amounts in my homemade nut granola as a dried fruit replacement.

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