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Sweet as Honey

Posted Jul 14 2010 7:00am

Thanks for asking all your wonderful questions, guys! I hope you’re getting excited for my big announcement on Monday!

Anonymous asked: I love honey and use it to sweeten yogurt and tea. I know that honey is good for your skin, but I don’t know much else about it. What can you tell me about honey?
p.s. - love your blog!! you’ve really influenced my way of eating. :)

I love hearing I’ve influenced your eating habits! So let’s see… What else can I tell you about honey? Here are some facts:

  • For thousands of years, honey was the only source of concentrated sweetener.
  • Honey has more calories than sugar (64 calories per tablespoon versus 46 calories).
  • Most commercial honeys have been thinned/diluted with added syrups.
  • You can increase your resistance to pollen by taking a teaspoon a day of honey.
  • Honey is about 55% fructose (about the same ratio as HFCS).
  • Fructose can increase triglycerides in the blood, which is a marker for disease.
  • Honey CAN be less processed than other sweeteners, but isn’t necessarily.

What does all this tell us? Honey isn’t too much (any?) better than other sweeteners on the block. But yes, it’s great for homemade beauty products !

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