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Sweating is Good; Sweating Together is Better

Posted Oct 24 2008 9:56am

Being such an exercise fiend, I don’t think I could date someone or marry someone that wasn’t as active as I am.

I hope that doesn’t make me sound bad …

I know not everyone is a fitness freak like me (and I don’t think anyone should be!), but healthy habits (such as exercise) are pretty important to me — and I like knowing they’re important to my husband, too.

I kinda want him around for a long, long time; ya know, that whole ’til death do us part’ thing?!

Like me, my husband uses exercise as a stress-reliever and a means to stay fit. But whereas he likes soccer and racquetball, I prefer the elliptical (with arms) and free-weights at the gym.

Together, we often run, walk or bike together. It’s a great way to spend quality time as a couple, and also to do something fun that’s also good for our physical and mental well-being.

I have to to say, though we don’t do it often (and running is generally not my preferred form of exercise), I love running with him. He’s a Naval Academy grad and he was a platoon commander back in the day. So a run with him is like running with a funny drill sargeant — but one that I know will kiss me, not berate me or make me do push-ups til I collapse!

Anyway, the point is, he motivates me and my competitive edge comes out. I don’t want him to beat me! When we run together, my heart-rate always gets up a lot higher, and we go at a much faster pace than the one I do when I’m on my own. I get that true runner’s high when we run together.

In fact, this past spring we did our first (hilly!) 5K together as a couple — I was so ecstatic to do it in 29:17. Huzzah! I know I probably would have not broken under 30 without him pushing me along, and it felt great to have accomplished something (however small) as a team.

This summer when he broke his wrist and couldn’t exercise, it put a damper on all exercise except for walks. Though we missed our biking trips, now that he’s able to work out again, we bike quite a bit. Even errands can even be fun by bike — and it’s a great way to save gas money. And it’s a great way to bond and decompress.

Then there’s walking, the most simplistic form of exercise, and perhaps the most relaxing, which we took up more this summer. A nice stroll after dinner … perfection!

Would you laugh if I asserted that I think a couple that sweats together, stays together? I am not sure if it’s true, but I will say this: exercise = endorphins. When we feel good and look good, we’re more body-confident. It’s a win-win scenario.

Couple-workouts aren’t for everyone. Sometimes I really like to just run/bike/work out alone. But even if you and your significant other don’t typically work out together, try it sometime. I have a feeling you’ll both enjoy it!

How physically fit is your partner? Does his/her health have any bearing on your current figure? Is it important to you?

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