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Susan's Top 5 Lean Protein Picks

Posted Apr 16 2009 11:19pm
This one was fun because truth be told, I'm a big red meat eater and have worked diligently to get other protein sources in to my diet. I'm basing these picks purely on which foods I purchase on a regular basis.

1) Canned Wild Salmon. With the mercury warnings surrounding Tuna, canned salmon has taken over as a lunch staple in my diet. No complaints from me! While canned salmon is more expensive than tuna, it requires no mayo or lemon juice, which makes it a terrific snack on the run as well (I purchase it in a flip-top can). Low in calories and saturated fat, yet exceptionally high in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin B3 and B12, salmon provides exceptional nutrition.

2) Lean Ground Turkey. Hamburgers, burritos, chili and meatloaf have always been amongst my favorite "comfort foods" and substituting ground turkey for beef allows me to continue to enjoy them. Because some pre-packaged ground turkey contains dark meat, I have mine freshly ground at the butcher using only white meat turkey.

Check out this delicious chili recipe which works tremendously well with ground turkey!

3) Eggs. Eggs are one of those foods that have gotten a bad rap, especially as far as the yolk is concerned. There are a good deal of recent studies debunking that myth and pointing to a bevy of benefits for egg eaters, including a reduced risk of macular degeneration and certain types of cancer. My choice is organic, Omega-3 enhanced eggs.

4) Skinless Chicken Breast. Chicken breasts are so versatile that it's hard to even consider not including them in my Top 5. Chicken promotes energy production, heart health, bone health and because it contains high concentrations of tryptophan, may even help you in getting a good night's sleep!

5) Whey Protein Powder. Ok, this was a tough one. While my heart was telling me to go with a nice sirloin steak, I needed to remain focused on the spirit of this list. Whey protein supplementation is part of my daily nutrition plan as both post workout supplementation in addition to the 5th meal I've added as I try to build more lean muscle. Because so many of you have asked, my preference is Designer Whey Protein.

Susan's Protein Shake:

- 2 scoops Designer Whey Protein, chocolate flavored
- 8 oz water
- 1 shot black coffee

Combine all ingredients in a blender, refrigerate and enjoy!

Train hard; stay strong.



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