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Susan's Diet - Up Close And Personal - August 16

Posted Aug 26 2009 10:19pm
For the second peak in to my diet I've posted what is a pretty typical Sunday (in this instance, August 16), starting with a spinach and cheese omelet and ending with a burger and fries (homemade, so I can control both the fat and sodium content!).

I started consuming gluten again (my Ezekiel hamburger bun) as I didn't notice an improvement in my hydrops while going gluten free. While I was carb heavy on this day, a good portion of the carbs came from the cup of garbanzo beans I tossed in to my salad. Beans are a great source of lean, non-animal protein and fiber, so no harm, no foul.

The recipe for the Tzatziki sauce I use as a dressing on my salad can be found HERE.

Due to the limitations I'm currently dealing with in regards to my physical activity, my calories were slightly higher than I would have liked (I'm typically shooting for 1,350 calories/day). However, from a bigger picture perspective, my saturated fat intake is below 8%, and I took in 41 grams of fiber, so overall I'm pretty pleased with the days results. Remember, you want to minimally consume 25 grams of fiber per day to help keep you satiated!

Considering that I treated myself to a chocolate biscotti, I can live with the calorie count.

While my sodium intake was slightly elevated (I try to keep in below 1000 mg/day), the increase is nominal and I did consume 80 oz of water which would flush out any excess sodium from my body.

The major pitfall of the day - not nearly enough protein and as typical for a weekend day, a shortfall in my veggie intake.

Train hard; stay strong.



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