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Surviving the critiques

Posted by Tamar F.

This weekend, I’m going to be critiquing another restaurant. I had a choice of all kinds of places: steak houses, country-fried foods, family pasta places. Instead, I am choosing to review a restaurant that uses their own produce in the recipes.

Furthermore, I’m gonna go easy on trying stuff with batter and sauces. I’d rather see how tenderly they treat summer produce, anyway. For dessert, instead of ordering something that involves a can of Hershey’s syrup, I will get something involving fresh fruit. Actually, when I used to date a chef, he let me know that a bowl of berries is the hardest dessert to plate: you can’t bruise the fruit, each one has to be spectacular and each one has to be properly cleaned.

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A restaurant with its own produce?! What a good idea that is! It not only allows those dining at the restaurant to know exactly where the produce is coming from (and maybe get a tour of the gardens?) but also allows for healthier choices, as you?ve expressed in your excellent choices. I hope you?ll let us in on your thoughts on the place! I'd love to hear how varied the meal options (there must be more options in terms of desserts and side dishes, as they can grab new things from the garden every night for specials) were and how different a restaurant serving their own produce is from other restaurants (if at all.)
and see how more and more restaurants are jumping on the "health" bandwagon. True, for all I know this place you're going to visit has been using their own produce since they've opened, but it is definitely time that restaurants like it get the spotlight more often. Have fun!
You have us all at the edge of our seats. Was the restaurant with home-grown produce any better? Did you avoid the molten chocolate cake in favor of eloquently plated berries? Why did you ever give up dating a chef? ;-)
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