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Superfood Proven to Treat Skin Cancer

Posted by Rebecca S.

We all know that eating healthy, natural foods is good for us, but I was impressed by this study I just read stating that compounds in black raspberries seem to treat skin cancer. Researchers at the Ohio State University Medical Center found the berries slowed the growth of squamous cell carcinomas when applied to the skin of mice exposed to UVB radiation, the most damaging light in the solar spectrum. "In terms of shutting down the inflammatory response, we've never seen anything like it," says Dr. Anne VanBuskirk, an assistant professor of surgery in Ohio State's College of Medicine and senior author of the study. UVB radiation inflames the skin, resulting in sunburn. Scientists have long believed that UVB light causes most non-melanoma skin cancers diagnosed in the United States each year. The researchers who study the development of squamous cell carcinoma believe the disease may be partly caused by an inflammatory response "stuck in overdrive." VanBuskirk says an extract of black raspberries (freeze-dried, ground up and suspended in KY jelly in their experiment) may be a good countermeasure because they contain anthacyanins, powerful antioxidants that give the fruit its rich, dark color. "In our experiments, the black raspberry treatment significantly reduced inflammatory damage and reduced tumor growth and spread." I think it's impressive. Even though these researchers used it as a topical compound, who knows how many people have been spared developing cancer in the first place by eating well!
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The effects of every day stress, pollution, work, and un healthy eating create major damage to the body over time. Antioxidants help fight these free-radicals cause by stress etc. anthacyanins are great antioxidants. Taking supplements that contain these free radical fighter definately makes a difference. theres alot of dietary supplements out there. you can find some at this site where I get pomegranate juice (another great antioxidant provider):  Use the code PIZ355 and you get a $5.00 discount. great stuff.


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