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Posted Aug 08 2011 10:32pm

So, I haven’t updated. But don’t worry it has nothing to do with my life being crazy. In fact the monotony of my stint of unemployment has made me realize even more how much I enjoy working. Crazy I know.

My appreciation for work also might have something to do with the American economy going up in flames and me realizing, “hey, I probably need to wiggle my way into that declining job market if at all possible”. My parents taught me well.

So in spite of all the grim headlines pronouncing the absence of jobs in America, I have been successful in finding two (not one but two) pretty cool part time jobs.

One of the jobs is teaching kids ages 7-13 this program . I am pretty excited about this! I will be teaching it at two different branches of the YMCA.

The other job is through Texas Agrilife, and no I am not becoming a 4H leader. I will be working with a new program called Grow, Eat, Go that will be implemented soon in 3rd grade classrooms in Texas.

Both jobs with definitely have a learning curve, but I couldn’t be more excited about the challenges ahead.

So other than being proficient at filling out W-4′s and misplacing my social security card (don’t worry mom I found it) my life has been fairly routine.

Tonight however I wanted to tackle a giant (HUGE) bag of spinach that I bought at COSTCO. I had an idea about how to make a pesto-ish pizza sauce that is less nut based and more veggie based.

The sauce was a combo of

I ran these items through the food processor and added a little water to get things moving.

iphone 214

Next I took my favorite pizza crust that I freeze in single serving balls and made a crazy “pizza” dinner.

iphone 212

I put quite a bit (probably too much) of my green sauce on the crust…

iphone 213

I added canned diced tomatoes and chopped broccoli and baked it…

iphone 219

It came out looking pretty ugly, but tasting pretty good.

I saved some of the extra sauce to up my veggie servings during the week.

iphone 215

My first experiment included adding it to my post workout cottage cheese. Not bad.

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