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*Super Simple Salad Dressing*

Posted Mar 24 2011 9:52pm
One of my favorite foods has always been salads. Something about the cold, crunchy dish is so satisfying. Recently, I saw a recipe for dressing that I thought I would make. Normally, I don't use dressing, but I thought I would give this one a try, and I'm so glad I did!
I adapted a recipe used on   one of my favorite female chefs. She used olive oil, honey, mustard and several other ingredients, and taking the recipe, I decided to make it my own.  I'm not a fan of honey, since it causes a huge glycemic rise for me. I do love agave nectar though, which I encourage you to try if you're sugar sensitive. Agave nectar is the same calorically as honey, and the body uses the calories the same way it does honey. 
They also taste the same somewhat, but agave nectar does not cause blood sugar to rise at all. It's great for diabetics or anyone trying to watch blood sugar levels. If you're trying to cut out added sugars though, you should stick with Stevia, which is an all natural sweetener, made from a plant, and is virtually incredibly sweeter than sugar, so you need half as much in all recipes calling for sweeteners like honey, agave or sugar. It's also more affordable if you only use half, since Stevia can be a little expensive. However, it contains zero calories and if you buy Stevia in the Raw , or other brands, which are Stevia only, and nothing added, then it's the best option for watching your sugar intake. I used agave in this recipe though, to create a recipe as similar to the one I saw on Lucinda's show.
*This recipe is also similar to a favorite Japanese steakhouse salad dressing that I always loved as a child. I learned the secret to making it through working there in my early college days. -  Makes 6 oz. ( about 15 -1 tbsp. servings)-   Prep time: 2 minutes
    1/2 cup organic, extra virgin cold-pressed, olive oil ( easy to find at superstores at a better price   juice from 2 lemons  1 tbsp.  agave nectar ( or drizzle for 3 seconds as a guestimate:)- feel free to use honey if you wish or 1/2 tbsp. Stevia 1/4 tsp. ground or dry mustard, or you may use 1 tbsp. regular mustard, or even dijon mustard if you prefer. 1/8 tsp. sea salt ( optional) 3/4 cup of pureed carrots, (or you can use a container of 4 oz. canned baby carrots which is so much easier and VERY inexpensive:) *I keep these on hand to bake with just like I do canned pumpkin. The carrots are a secret in the Japanese dressing, which actually uses carrot juice. I used pureed carrots for a creamier blend. The carrots create a sweet taste that combines with the spice and the tanginess that simply can't be replaced by anything else. You won't even taste them, but the added sweetness shines through like no other ingredient I've tried yet. 
    1/2 tsp. ginger ( ground) 1 tsp. black pepper dash of cayenne pepper
NOTE: This virtually takes no time to make. It's super easy in a small blender like a  and then store it in that container, but I simply mix it in a bowl and it's just as easy to me. I'm old fashioned in cooking- I don't like dishwashers and I prefer stirring with a wooden spoon and a classic ceramic glass bowl passed down through our family.  -If you use a blender, always pour liquids first. In this case, you should do the following:
1. Empty the olive oil, agave, and squeeze the lemons with your hand, using 2 fresh lemons2. Next, scoop in the carrot puree'. 3. Last, add all of the dry ingredients ( mustard, Stevia if you are using that instead, salt, ginger and the peppers.4. Blend for 3 seconds and store in a Ball glass jar in the fridge, or just keep it in the Magic Bullet container or another small container easy for pouring.  Here's what I do:
Here's a fresh salad I made using  fresh, antibiotic- free deli turkey , wild rice, roasted veggies and sliced almonds. It's delicious over a bed of romaine and the classic, crunchy iceberg we all love:)
*PS- This dressing is also a great marinade to roast veggies with, marinate meat in, or as a substitute for sauces of any kind. It's also excellent as a sandwich spread. Give it a try and let me know what you think:)
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