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Super Berry Powder

Posted by Tamar F.

As part of my Hannukah present, I received 3 sample packets of Dr. Perricone’s Super Berry Powder with acai. It’s made with dehydrated cranberries, raspberries, blackberries and acai. Acai was listed as the #1 superfood in Dr. Perricone’s book, “The Perricone Promise”. Acai has antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty oils. I have tried it – it is mildly sweet and dark berry like, with some of the seeds, too. You mix it up with a bottle of water and drink it down. It has helped me during this week that I have been eating a lot of catered deli trays and leftover deli trays. I haven’t broken out and that’s something.

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I'm curious how much this costs. It sounds similar to the Mona Vie juice, but that is sold in liquid form and it's very expensive - $45 for a week's supply! Acai is supposedly VERY good for you but I wonder if it's any better than the other high-pigment foods like blueberries???
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