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SunTrust Half Marathon

Posted Nov 15 2010 10:35am

Dad: “Danielle, wake up.”

What?…What time is it?

12236134141257278824manio1_Digital_Clock_7_svg_med (source)

Sooo early…but it’s race day! :D

*Gets gear on. Drives to a hotel near the race. Texts Maya *

Man it’s cold. Hey, I found gloves in my bag! Hmmm…should I wear them?

*Big gust of frigid air*


Dad: “Alright, I think we should walk over.”

*We walk a few blocks and find the starting line*

aerial above (source)

Ok, I need to check my bag. My god that line is long. I should find Maya . How much time do I have? Uhh 10 minutes? Time to get moving.

*Dad and I walk over to our corral and start stretching. Two minutes before the gun goes off, the air starts to smell bad*

Dad: “Geeze, that’s the thing about these races. Everyone gets nervous and gassy right before the start.”

Heh, heh.

*The gun goes off*

This is so exciting! Am I going to fast? Too slow? I like this pace…

*11 miles later*

I can’t believe how well I’m doing. I’ve barely walked and I’ve been maintaining a faster-than-normal pace. I think I’m going to beat my old time!

*Mile marker 12*

A Justin Bieber song would be prettyyyyy good right now.

*Starts flipping through iPod*

C’mon…c’mon….YES. Me plus you, I’ma tell you one time…

*The finish line is visible in the far distance*

Alright, time to get serious. Cheetah mode. GO…GO…

*I start passing people*

Whoa, how fast am I going? Under 7 minute miles? Where did this come from? The finish line is right there!

*I cross the finish line*

Yay! I beat my previous half-marathon time by 6 minutes. Whoop :) I love racing. Where’s dad? When’s the next one? Bananas?

*I eventually meet up with my dad and text Maya . (Although we couldn’t meet up :( ) *

Alright, I have to head back to school. Should I shower before I go? Well, I don’t think I smell that bad. I just need to eat and go. Hmmm where should I re-fuel?

whole-foods-market-merger-blocked-6-6-07 (source)

Oh heck yeah :D I really need to re-create their Curried Wheat Berry Salad….


I might be M.I.A the next week (but what else is new…)

I need to get a bunch of schoolwork done before Thanksgiving break! I hope everyone has a good rest of the week :)

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