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Sunshine, Lentils, and Red #40

Posted Mar 31 2011 1:54pm

Since my last post , the weather has completely changed.  Hurray for Vitamin D !  It’s beautiful, supposed to reach the 80’s today, and I get to do my rotation work from home.  This means that the door is open, Stanley is at my feet – and the fridge is easily accessible for necessary snacks.


Today for lunch I’m planning on feasting on a mix of leftovers from this week including:

  1. Black Lentil, Spinach, and Honey Goat Cheese Salad.  This recipe is based on a Tyler Florence recipe originally shared by my lovely friend Erica a honey goat cheese s a delicious appetizer.  You can find the original recipe here .  After a few tweaks it became a delicious protein packed salad that I used as a main dish.  Changes that I made include:
  2. Quinoa and Spring Vegetable Pilaf from Bon Appétit ( recipe can be found here ).  Not my favorite but it incorporated the CSA leeks and asparagus I had in my fridge and have been wanting to use.  I think the pea “puree” was more liquid than it should have been due to excess water after thawing my peas so if you make it I recommend carefully draining your peas and possibly decreasing the vegetable stock.  Loved the mint though, I can’t resist a recipe with mint.


Research News:

  • Did you hear that yet another study connected the importance of sleep and success with weight loss?  Researchers at Kaiser found that people who slept no less than 6 hours a night and no more than 8 were more likely to reach their weight loss goal than those who did not get moderate amounts of sleep.  Stress was also a factor in successful weight loss.  You can read the Kaiser Press Release here. candy
  • Yesterday the big food news was that the FDA was discussing the safety of Food Dyes (you know – all those lovely colors that make our candy so pretty) and the connection to ADHD.  Other countries have already banned several of these dyes.  Apparently the panel is going to conclude that there is not enough validated evidence to ban the dyes, that the dyes are not the cause of ADHD but do in fact tend to exacerbate it in some cases.  Yet another reason why it is a good idea to stick with whole foods with no “red dye #40” additives – regardless of the current research.  Although I do love the fun color Hot Tamales leave on my hand….

Off to work on curriculum for cooking with middle school students!

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