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Sunday Funday! (and Greek yogurt review)

Posted Jan 10 2010 7:42am

Today is my fun-day because usually Sundays are not at all fun with Jeremy leaving before the sun comes out on Monday mornings.  This week is different because he’s working from home, which is fantastic for me.  I have help with the kids, YAY!

“Little Miss Trouble”.  I would call her Little Miss Fit & Clean, but she’ll only eat her veggies out of a can and the only fruit she will eat are banana and dehydrated apples. (Weird, huh?)  Not even a regular apple.  I can’t even bribe her with candy, LOL!

So my challenge for myself this week is to not use any Agave Nectar or Nut Butters.  I found when I purged the sugar out of my diet, that I replaced it (and the junk, so I’m not saying it’s a bad thing) with other sweeteners (agave, maple syrup and honey) and everything else with natural nut butter.  This week I’m eliminating those 2 items from my diet, and am going to see if there are any physical changes (i.e. weight) or otherwise.  This does not include my homemade trail mix:

This morning for breaky I just couldn’t decide.  I kind of get tired of oatmeal after awhile. So I switched things up and made Cream of Wheat, with blackberries and 2 tsp. of maple syrup:

Yummy.  I also had some coffee in my huge mug that I got from Pensacola when we went on vacation last summer with the family:

I guess I kind of collect mugs.  I get one from each new place that we travel to :)   I think it’s better than the tee-shirts at the airport!

Yesterday did turn into a snacky-snacky day, but I made an effort to not snack. (too much).

I had a Fage Yogurt with Honey:

As far as Greek Yogurt goes, I can’t find one that I like better then Fage.  It’s pronounced “Fa- Yeh”.  I’ve tried Oikos (Stoneyfield Farms), and Chobani as well.  There are several reasons that I like Fage Yogurt better:

  1. Taste – YUMMY!
  2. Texture – it’s not as watery or sour.  It is sooo thick.
  3. The taste of the honey or fruit.  The others, I found the honey tasted funny or the fruit.  The honey in the Fage tastes like normal honey, you could eat it plain if you desired.

Greek Yogurt is better for you (albeit a bit more pricey…3 containers of the kind with honey will run you $5.00 at Publix) over regular yogurt because it is higher in protein then normal yogurt…around 20 g/8oz.  Fage also comes in a 0%, 2% and full fat. I like the 2% with honey, as you are all aware!

You can try to make your own Greek Yogurt at home (and I have done this).  All you need is some cheese cloth and a strainer.  I take Stoneyfield Farms Organic Plain Fat Free (did you get all that, LOL) and rubber band some cheesecloth to my strainer.  Place the yogurt in the cheesecloth and the strainer into a deep bowl.  Let the whey strain into a bowl overnight.  In the morning, voila! Greek Yogurt.

Yesterday I also ate some homemade trail mix, and 1 raw brownie:

Ooohhh. I love me some of Averie’s raw brownies.  Fantastic :)

As it was snacky-snacky day, I drank a pretty pink protein smoothie (yes, it’s very pink)

and a picture of the inside because who just wants to see the outside of the blendy?

Water, frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, vanilla protein powder, agave nectar.

Then there was homemade trail mix, and then an extra handful of raisins to celebrate snacky-snacky day.  I was starving again by dinner time.  My meals have been way off because of stress…and I find that I’m not hungry (I kind of walk around feeling like I’m going to hurl a lot of the time) so I eat when I’m hungry, but when it hits, I’m off schedule, and then I’m ravenous.  So not cool, but there’s not much I can do about it.

IMPORTANT: Remember the principles behind eating clean include eating around every three hours and piaring a protein with a carb. What eating this way accomplishes:  stable insulin levels, less cravings for junk, and not being ravenous because of skipped meals, resulting in over-eating.

My husband fired up the Big Green Egg and made us some Fireman’s Chicken..not sure what the marinade recipe is, but it was really good. It reminds me of summer BBQ’s!  We had some leftover homemade scalloped potatoes, broccoli with lemon juice and real parmesan (not Kraft), and some homemade bread that I am happy to report did not turn out brick-like this time around:

No, I did not eat all the chicken, but I gave it my best shot!  I need to show you the bread machine bread, which turned out fantastic:

There were some kitty cat shinanegans during dinner:

I have no idea how Riches got herself into that little hole in the cat house.  She’s a really big cat!  I think she was trying to hide from the puppy:

Good thing that puppy is so darn cute.  She is a ton of trouble ;)

Today the plan is to hit the gym for my 2 miles and work out on the legs for a bit.  I’m concerned about running the 1/2 marathon because the muscles in my legs aren’t back to where they were, so I’m going to hit a couple of machines and do some side walking squats and weighted lunges.

Hope you all have a Sunday Funday :D

Jessica xoxo

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