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Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout

Posted May 04 2010 9:01pm

Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout

Olympic gold medalist Summer Sanders and her personal trainer, Keri Crockett, show you how to stay strong and sexy during your pregnancy with Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout ! With a full-length workout tailored to each trimester, you’ll feel and look better all the way to delivery.

4 Stars Good Video~Does Tone and Tighten. Music is a bit lacking….
I bought Teddi Bryant’s Hot Mamas and this one. I like Teddi’s better because it is more challenging. But, Summer’s DVD is more cinemagraphically pleasing and the set is better. Teddi’s is really boring but extremely thorough. I can’t say this DVD does well with things like ‘foot placement’ (for squats, etc) but overall it is WORKING! :) My butt has gotten …smaller using this video and I feel very strong. I am also having to eat every 2 hours b/c of low-blood sugar. This video is well made and is quality.

I would have rated it 5 stars but the music is lacking in interest and originality (I listen to my MP3 player out of one ear and listen to her with the other)but I guess it is good for people that don’t have alot of rhythm? ;)

I started with Terri’s video but do this more more because to be honest It is a little less overwhelming and more encouraging…but, don’t get me wrong it still gets your heart rate up. It’s just not 1 1/2 hours long like Hot Mamas…I would say the Cardio is definately mixed. It is more conditioning based that a true ‘cardio’ video…but it is for looser ligamented pregnant women so I understand that. Overall, I very much like the video I just didn’t read any reviews before I bought it that pointed out the lacking music (has some obviously but very monotonous) but this isn’t the main point of working out. The video does tone well and is user friendly. It is also challenging with varying degrees of difficulty.

4 Stars Great DVD for Workouts during Pregnancy
I found that others reviews of this product was favorable, so I thought I’d buy it and check it out. I like that it has a different routine for each exercise. The exercises are hard enough that you feel like you’re getting a workout, but no so hard that you can’t catch your breath. Summer is very pregnant during the video, so it makes you feel like if she can do it and be upbeat about it, I can too. There is also a longer version and “express” version for each trimester. I found that the longer version is just a repeat of the same exercises you did in the express workout.

5 Stars Just Right
This DVD offers an effective workout for each trimester. My muscles feel the workout. By the end I’m invigorated, not exhausted. The routines get my heart rate up and I even sweat a little. Each trimester routine is actually 2 cycles of the same exercises. I really like this because it gives me a second chance to really get into the exercises and get the most out of my workout.

5 Stars You need to buy resistance bands!!
I love this video and am in my 20th week of pregnancy…opened the DVD last night and did the second trimester “long” workout and watched the “short” workout. My kids joined me (age 4 and 6) it was fun! The steps are basic and easy to do, but also effective and get your heart rate up…the voices/music were not annoying so I would definetly recommend this for others to buy. The only thing that bummed me out was that 75% of the exercises used a resistance band…I didn’t know I needed one for the video and would have bought it earlier if I had known.

5 Stars Perfect!!
I’m a big fan of home workout videos. Among my favorites are Jillian Michaels “30 day shred”, and this DVD. It is at a perfect fitness level for anyone ho wants to workout while pregnant. If you were working out before, this would probably be a very light workout, but then you don’t need to do Prenatal specific workouts either, you can do your regular workout. This video is Instructed by Summer Sander’s Sister-in-law and they have a great realationship, as you can tell by the ease of the workout; it makes you feel totally realxed and happy.

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