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Sugar to be banned in hospital tea - poison to be added instead...

Posted Jun 28 2010 1:36am
Hospital Ban on Sugar in Patients Tea

Well it's a Monday morning and this ridiculous news has got me riled :( 

What a pathetic time-wasting knee-jerk reaction to one of the biggest health issues facing the UK. Patients need energy to recover when they are ill and in the absence of any food provided by hospitals that actually provides energy (or any other nutritional benefit for that matter - and I have seen enough hosiptal food in my time to know just how poor it is) the patients need a cup of tea with sugar to get them through the day! 

And as if that weren't enough, these 'powers that be' will substitute a toxic poison for the sugar, in the form of artificial sweetener - linked to a multitude of illnesses - not to mention the fact that articifical sweeteners are also proven to cause cravings for real sugar!!!. Patients will be escaping just to get down the sweet shop - aren't they suffering enough??

Who the hell is running the PCTs and NHS these days? Clearly some very overpaid idiots.... I pray to god I never have to go into a hospital in this country ever again. Well I did warn you I was riled :( 

Have a great week in the nanny state...

Chantal Denny-Harrow
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