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Sugar Shock: The Path to Disease and More

Posted Aug 31 2010 1:44pm

Thanks for writing, Erin. That's a good way of stating it -- sugar does create "a haven for the yeast" and it does make your body "run amock." Here's another way to put it: If you eat a chronic sugar diet, the Candida can become "opportunistic," as Dr. Deborah Metzger puts it. That can lead to such symptoms as fatigue, brain fog, rashes and more. Sugar is the # 1 contributor to Candida.

As for the cancer-sugar connection, already in the early 1900s, this cancer-sugar connection was recognized. Cancer was known as "white man's disease" among Eskimos living in the Arctic Circle, because there were no known or reported fatalities from it. Then, in 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg became a Nobel Laureate for discovering that cancer cells use glucose as fuel. Now, a growing number of scientists cite a high sugar intake as a factor in the development of cancers of the breast, gallbaldder, prostate, colon, uterus and pancreas. But if you reduce or eliminate sugar, it can reduce or contain cancer growth. As cancer specialist Dr. Keith Block told me, "very few cancers can survive without a steady supply of glucose."

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