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Sugar Shock! Kudos Comes When Lyme Got Me Down

Posted Sep 19 2008 5:20pm

On a day in which I'm suffering excruciatingly horrific reactions to antiobiotics, plus the usual Lyme disease-triggered headaches, I got the nicest e-mail from nutrition counselor MeMe Roth, who I don't know.

MeMe, whose the president of the National Action Against Obesity, education and awareness chairman of the Children's International Obesity Foundation and advisory board member for Women for Family Nutrition, wrote to her list:

"I'm no fan of `quick' weight loss... But under-the-gun... and FOREVER, the best advice I could give folks if I could give them only one tip? Read Sugar Shock! by Connie Bennett. (I have no vested interest in selling Connie's book btw).

"Sugar Shock is amazing at spelling out what exactly sugar and refined  

And btw, it's clearer than ever why KRAFT so recently belonged to Philip-Morris (now Altria). Just like ciggies, processed foods are simply delivery devices for dependency-developing sugar and refined carbs.

How soon after a "sweet" or "high refined-carb" food could you eat more? do you WANT more? And aren't you able to put down far "Is this cutting carbs out? Noooo, you still eat loads of fresh  

produce and some whole fruit for treats--the complex carbs. You  

simply get rid of the sugars and refined carbs that are loading up  

belly fat, not to mention driving up triglycerides in the bloodstream  

and bad cholesterol.

"Food marketers trying to push 3900 calories on each of us everyday  

(more than double what most require) know this... We should too.

"Check out this book... I give it to every one of my nutrition  

clients... You'll see what I mean. And again, until now, I've never  

contacted Connie... although, I think since we're both in NYC... we  

should meet. So `hey' Connie...

MeMe Roth, CHC

Of course, I now need to introduce myself to MeMe and to thank her for the wonderful kudos!

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