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SUGAR SHOCK! Blog Has A New Look, Thanks to Input From The "Blog Squad"

Posted Dec 18 2008 7:35pm

Did you notice this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog's new look?

  • Are you finding this blog more welcoming and interesting?
  • Does the content here educate, motivate and inspire you?
  • Are you psyched and prompted to action after reading my posts and those of my two blogging assistants, Jennifer and Karen?
  • Are you eager to contribute your comments?
  • Is this blog easier to navigate now?
  • Can you find what you're seeking more readily?
  • Are the headlines better?
  • Are you compelled to spread the word more and tell friends, colleagues and loved ones to visit

I sure hope so! Although this blog already is popular, with thousands of readers, I decided that it was time -- after two-plus years here in cyberspace -- to give the SUGAR SHOCK! Blog an overhaul. ( This site made its debut June 7, 2005. Happy belated birthday, blog!)

You see, I want to serve you better, my dear readers. I want you to feel comfortable and welcome here. In fact, my goals with this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog are to:

  • Enlighten you by dishing the sour scoop about sweets and quickie carbs.
  • Encourage you to cut out or cut back on your sugar so you'll get more energy, better moods, improved focus and greater overall health.
  • Engage you and involve you.
  • Give you up-to-date information about current news and research about sugars and artificial sweeteners.
  • Offer you helpful, sugar-free goodies so you can begin to break free from your sugar habit -- or at least think about doing it. (For instance, did you know that you can get a free shopping list here?)
  • Tell your kick-sugar success stories.
  • Provide you with compelling, valuable content that intrigues you and makes you want to return here often.
  • Entertain and even amuse you -- at least, at times, I hope.

And, of course, yes, I confess, I'd like to:

  • Boost traffic to this
  • Pique your interest in my wonderful, easy-to-read, cutting-edge (I think!) book, SUGAR SHOCK!, for which I interviewed some 250 researchers, physicians, nutritionists, and public health advocates, as well as self-described "sugar addicts." Naturally, I'd very much like you to buy at least 3 copies of the book (for you, and two friends or loved ones) so I can help you.

Newbook_sm_4 Anyhow, I jumped when this wonderful blog-examination opportunity arose -- i.e., I received an invite to get a comprehensive critique of this site from the Blog Squad.

For those of you bloggers out there, you'll know that I'm referring to the dynamic duo of Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman, whom I heard about some three years ago, while I was doing research for SUGAR SHOCK!,

Well, given that I've decided that I need to focus more on my blog this month and give more talks, I thought that a facelift was exactly what this needs.

Blogsquadlogo160wg_2 It didn't take long for me to decide that I'm very much in the mood for more bang for this blog! (I must have signed up within a minute of receiving the invite to get this blog critiqued!)

So... I just off the phone with Patsi and Denise, and they had such fabulous advice! Beforehand, I also received a snazzy audio review, delivered as a screencast video.

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