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Sugar … Aw, Honey Honey …

Posted Oct 06 2009 10:00pm

sugar My Internet at home was down last night, so I couldn’t blog til this morning before work, so pardon the short post.

That said, let me just tell you that I have seriously overdosed on sugar the past two weeks and I am FEELING it.

Not to worry — I’m not beating myself up over my less-than-stellar nutritionally-devoid choices; rather I enjoyed every single one of them and hey, it was my birthday week ;)

But I am seriously in dire need of some clean eating: whole grains, lean protein, dairy, fruits and veggies.

I’ve wasted ALL my WPAs the past two weeks (and then some) on sweets and though I hate to admit it, my love of all things sweet definitely stands in the way of me and my desire to lose weight again.

Yesterday I had a work event and wore the black dress I got three years ago for my bridal shower. Let me just say that, in retrospect, it looked a helluva lot better then (about 10 lbs ago). Plus, after all the sugar and very little agua, I felt puffier than normal standing up there in front of everyone.

While I’m a huge fan of everything in moderation, I think I need to do a little sugar detox for the next few days. I hate the way I feel physically right now.

And I cannot, repeat CANNOT, buy another bag of candy corn – I bite off the top part, toss the rest … I’m not chewing and spitting like last year or the year before, but it’s a totally anxious behavior that I need to nip in the bud. The taste is so sickeningly sweet, yet I continue to indulge.


Well, there’s no time like the present … so I’ll give it a shot today. Time to “regroup” … I need energy and it needs to come from nutritional choices. Overdoing anything makes me feel bad (physically) and well, this is a gentle reminder!

How about you? Have you ever tried to detox from sugar?

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