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sugar alternatives

Posted by Shez B.

There are so many gorgeous sugar alternatives that it hardly seems necessary to use sugar in baking. Fructose, honey, and dates are some of the best ways of making sugarless muffins, cakes, and biscuits. Xylitol has recently been stocked in larger supermarkets and shops, and actually has some health benefits. If you look on the Internet or in any bookshop, you will be inspired by the multitude of delectable recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the side effects and the extra pounds caused by sugar.

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I've heard a lot lately that sugar substitutes don't help you because they still trigger the sugar cravings. I find when I eat a lot of fruit that I don't crave any other sweets. But then, can you overdo it on fruit too? Especially the good stuff like grapes? I don't think sugar is evil - I think the problem is with the corn syrup they put into a lot of processed foods. Homemade apple pie never hurt anybody!
I think it may be a good idea to eliminate all sugar substitues as well, Natural fruit sugar is not something I consider to be a sugar alternative, but things like equal and such should also be eliminiated because they all give you that super high and super low which affects you physically and definitly mentally.
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