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sugar addict

Posted by katie e.

i'm completely addicted to sugar (mostly hard candy). does anyone have recommendations for how to quit?
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Sometimes sugary snacks are as much for the mouth fix or because you're bored as they are for the sweet fix. To keep your mouth busy, try chewing sugar free gum, eating carrot sticks, or munching on air-popped popcorn. For some sweetness and diversion, try sucking on frozen seedless grapes. There's still sugar, but a lot less than is in your hard candy. If you're still jonesing for sugar, try dried fruits like raisins. Sugary, yes, but there's the upside of a little fiber and a few vitamins. Finally, remember how Mom said all that candy'll rot your teeth? Hard candies are the worst because the sugar gets the most tooth coverage - think of the cavities and that may help you control your cravings.
I have the same problem - addicted to sugar (and caffeine, and fried foods, etc.) Chewing gum sounds like a good idea since I also really need to lose weight. Plus there are sugar free hard candies that taste sweet - but I don't like those.
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