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Sugar Hangover

Posted Dec 22 2009 12:00am
by Danielle

Good morning afternoon! I hope everyone is feeling better than I am; I think the title says it all :?

I woke up this morning not too hungry, which isn’t surprising considering all the snacking that went down last night. Granted, I was snacking on whole grain cereals, dates, and vegan cookies but it was still a lot of unnecessary sugar. This is where the decision comes in. Do I say…

1.) ‘Tis the season! Everyone else is gorging on sweets, just join right in

2.) It’s a new day- don’t worry about it

3.) Skip breakfast. Work-out excessively. Bask in guilt. Never ;)

It’s totally normal to get a snack attack every once in a while (especially around the holidays). I used to be someone who strived for perfection. I was a “3 square meals + 2 snacks a day” kind of girl.  But the problem with that is- our bodies aren’t precise scientific instruments. Sometimes we want more food. Sometimes we want less. Sometimes I’m craving salty vegetables; other times hearty grains. The point to this is, it’s ok to not be perfect. In fact, it’s just not possible. I think it’s better to listen to what our bodies are telling us instead of creating a structure of what’s “right” in our heads. So, I choose option 2.

You know what else a lot of sugar before bed will do? It will keep you awake. For hours.

I didn’t get to sleep until pretty late and when I woke up the morning was half gone. So much for being productive today. I eventually headed downstairs and made exactly what I was craving


A green smoothie :) There’s something about slurping a bubbly sea of green that makes me feel energized and refreshed. I like to eat smoothies like I do soup- out of a bowl with a spoon. That way you can savor the flavaaa. I was also sad to discover that little chip in one of my favorite bowls. Oh well- life’s not perfect.

Here were the players:


  • Almond Milk
  • Jay Robb Vanilla Brown Rice Protein
  • Strawberries
  • Spinach
  • Ground Chia Seeds (or Salba if you roll like that)
  • Berry flavored Green SuperFood


This was definitely the star of the show. It has a nice berry flavor which almost tastes artificial- but isn’t. It was also responsible for the earthy hue.

All blended up with a few handfuls of ice


Dear Santa,

I appreciate the blender you got me a few years ago, but it just doesn’t get the job done quite right. I’m going to humbly request for a vita-mix. I know it’s expensive, but that blender will get more use out of it than my car.

Love, Danielle

What’s your favorite thing to make in blenders?

I need some ideas just in case…you know…Santa is listening ;)

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