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Success, Being Wellthy

Posted Sep 02 2012 10:28pm
I love success stories.   I love them even more when they involve me!   Lately, my patients have been remarking about how good I look.   Losing 30 pounds will definitely make you look better.   My patients’ response to my weight loss is even more dramatic if they haven’t seen me in awhile.The first question out of everyone’s mouth is “How did you lose it?”   I always respond that I published a book about getting healthy and “Wellthy” in November leaving me with two choices:   either get healthy or be a hypocrite.   I then explain that being a hypocrite means that I would have to move to Washington and run for office.   That gets a laugh out of everyone.   I don’t understand why a truism like that makes so many people laugh.As a doctor interested in health and a chef with a love of food, I have been at war with myself for years.   The chef who loves food had always won the war in the past.   I have been overweight much of my adult life.   I have blamed it on my grandmother, my mother, my childhood growing up in the food business (we had walk-in refrigeration in the garage), and my religious heritage.   The reality is that I love food.   I love all kinds of food; and, being a good American, I love excessive amounts of food.Diets and Other Unnatural Acts” was born as a result of my lifetime battle with food.   I used to diet, lose weight, and then gain it back.   I ran every kind of diet ever conceived.   I lost weight right along with my patients only to have it creep (or pour) back on.   As a doc, recognizing the importance of health and developing the concept of “Wellth,” I had to do something.   That something was to formulate a lifestyle plan and write about it.   Those of you who read this blog know I like to write.I have finally won my battle.   While it has only been 10 months since I have dedicated myself to living a “Wellthy” lifestyle, I have grown stronger in my resolve, recovered faster from mistakes, and enjoyed myself more than I ever did in the past.   The transition has been easy.   The “define and then refine” process is much simpler than forsaking my lifestyle to go on someone else’s diet.  I truly believe that refining and polishing my own diet is what truly makes the difference and will work for a lifetime.   Yesterday’s article asked the question, “What is your vision of your future?   How do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?”If you don’t like what you see, then go to work now.   First, take a good look at who you are and what your problems are.   Second, read my book.   Third, slowly refine and polish yourself until everyone asks you what you’ve done to look so good.   I guarantee you that you will love the results.   Be happy and “Wellthy.”
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