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SUBJECT: Get the Shocking Scoop About Sugar, Gain Energy & More -- Act today, Wed., Jan. 17, to Feel Better and Get Exciting

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:11pm

My Special Invitation to You:Act on Wed., Jan. 17 to feel better andget exciting gifts.

Dear Friends, Blog Readers, Colleagues and All of You Kind Enough to Pop By:

I'm thrilled, because some really wonderful, cutting-edge experts, whom I greatly admire -- including Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Dr. Fred Pescatore, and Dr. Liz Lipski -- are kind enough to send out special e-mails to their fans on (or before) Wed., Jan. 17, inviting them to purchase my book, SUGAR SHOCK!

These healthy heroes of mine -- plus dozens of other wonderful authors and experts in a variety of fields -- are sharing the fact that I accidentally discovered a wow of a secret that could boost your moods and bring you good health, too.

They're telling their followers about how after my years of needlessly suffering, I discovered one simple change thatbanishedall 44 of my mysterious ailments. As I now happily reveal: My mood swings disappeared. My severe fatigue vanished. My horrible headaches took a hike.

Why? Because I cut out sugar. That's right: I kicked my sugar habit.

And, as my friend Dr. Jonny Bowden -- a hotshot, savvy nutritionist -- points out in his letter to his followers: "If you (or your doctor) still thinks there's no such thing as carbohydrate addiction, then you definitely want to read this book."

These absolutely wonderful supporters also point out that my book SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkley Books) dishes the sour scoop about sweets.

For instance, Jonny kindly observed: "Connie really did her homework. She's interviewed some of the top experts in the field and put together a really compelling, personal story that you need to hear."

My friends and supportive colleagues also point out that SUGAR SHOCK! tells the full sugar story.
What's more, they tell their fans, my book "gives you hope and valuable tips so that you, too, can break free, boost your moods, get more energy, and more."

Anyhow, my friends are encouraging those subscribers to their e-mail lists to act on Wed., Jan. 17 (until 11:59 p.m.) to participate in this exciting offer
and get a tremendous amount of free gifts from leading experts in the field, including Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Fred Pescatore, Dr. Joe Mercola, and many others.

As I've gratefully pointed out previously, SUGAR SHOCK! -- which has a foreword from bestselling author Dr. Nicholas Perricone -- has received praise from a Who's Who of cutting-edge doctors and nutritionists, including medical consultant Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

Just check out what three experts said:

* Frequent Oprah guest Dr. Mehmet Oz, coauthor of the # 1 bestseller, YOU: On A Diet:

"[SUGAR SHOCK!] spills the beans on the shocking impact of simple carbohydrates on aging and
quality of life..."

* Renowned expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of the wildly popular

"If you can't say `no' to foods made with sugar or processed, white flour, then you will want to read Connie Bennett's SUGAR SHOCK! is loaded with many practical tools and resources..."

* Dr. Mark Hyman, author of the New York Times bestseller, UltraMetabolism:

"Read this book. It could save your life."

So, I invite you, too, to join the fun. Follow these experts' advice.

Order SUGAR SHOCK! anytime on Wed., Jan. 17, to get the scoop on sugar AND get exciting, special gifts from many authors and health experts.

Just check out the amazing gifts you get -- worth more than $1,377 -- just when you purchase my $10 book. Just visit now.



P.S. Look: I really like to think that this one book could make a huge difference in your life. You see, I wrote the kind of book that I would have loved to have back in 1998 when I had to kick sugar on doctor's orders.

P.P.S. Get more energy, improved concentration, and better health now. You deserve to feel the best you can feel! Just visit now and then grab your copy of SUGAR SHOCK! today while you can still claim the dozens of valuable gifts.

P.P.P.S. Now share this empowering book this with a friend or loved one, too. Imagine how great you'll feel when your loved one raves about all the benefits she or he received! The rewards you get from sharing this book SUGAR SHOCK! can be greater than the great deal you get on this book.

Again, I invite you to act Wed., Jan. 17, by going to

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