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Study Finds Link Between Too Much or Too Little Sleep and Obesity

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:12pm

Note from Connie: After a night of not enough sleep -- naughty me, I stayed up way too late and then woke up early to get work done -- I learned about a fascinating new study that connects insufficient zzz's with obesity. Researcher/blogger Jennifer Moore tells you about this fascinating study.

Americans who get either less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours of sleep daily are more likely to be obese than those who get 7 or 8 hours of shuteye, according to a new study released by the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics.

People who sleep too much or too little are also more likely to smoke, avoid exercise, and have more than five alcoholic drinks a day, the study found.

The NCHS says this research can't prove cause and effect -- whether sleep issues cause these unhealthy behaviors or vice versa -- but nonetheless it's interesting and certainly reason to make sure you get the right amount of rest.

Thanks to the AP's Mike Stobbe for the tip.

Jennifer Moore for SUGAR SHOCK! Blog

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